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How to Use a Wireless Printer with Android

How to use a wireless printer with Android? This is the frequently asked question that we will be discussing in this post by the Free Phone App team. Stay tuned to the end of this guide if this is something that interests you.

Connecting a wireless printer directly to a smartphone or tablet can be a bit difficult, because not every printer manufacturer offers a printing app for every phone or tablet. (The provided printing app may also not be compatible with the settings of the tablet or phone you ate using). Also, even if there is an app for the printer, it may not be possible to connect your phone directly to the printer.

How to Use a Wireless Printer with Android?

In principle, any printer with direct WiFi must communicate with any phone or tablet that has WiFi capability, and vice versa. What is missing is an app that allows us to print files directly. As WiFi Direct is becoming more and more popular, connecting your phone or tablet to a wireless printer should be incredibly easy. Even if your printer does not support wireless connection, you can increase the functionality of your printer by reading the tutorial article on converting a regular printer to wireless.

Connecting to a Wireless Printer through Apps

Some apps can help you use a wireless printer with Android and print directly. The location of the print option is different in these apps. But with a little search, you can easily find it. Then just select the name of the printer and start printing.

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Wireless Printers Exclusive Apps

There is no specific standard for the production of applications by each printer manufacturer, and each company produces an application to enable the users to use a wireless printer with Android following their own standards.

If you are sure that your printer offers wireless capabilities, search for your printer’s brand name in Google Play or the App Store to find the compatible phone application for your wireless printer.

  • For example, to connect to a printer with the HP brand, you need to use the HP Print Service.
  • Epson iPrint app is used in Epson printers in order to be able to use a wireless printer with Android.
  • If the brand of your printer is Canon, you can make your prints with the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY
  • Samsung Mobile Print app is made for Samsung printers, this app offers more features like scanning and faxing as well.

How to Use a Wireless Printer with Android – HP Print Service

There are different ways to print with an HP wireless printer. below you can learn how to use a wireless HP printer with HP Print Service app for Android.

  • First, download HP Print Service from Play Store.
  • After installation, the app will ask you to also download and install the HP Smart app.
  • After opening the HP smart app, you can search and add your printer using the + icon.
  • With this app, it is possible to print photos, print documents, use the printer scan, scan your documents and pictures with the phone camera (camera scan) and finally make a copy of your information.
  • You can personalize this page from the Personalize section and add other options such as creating photo albums and fax (mobile fax).
  • In the bottom bar of the app, select Print View to enter the print section.
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You can print your images or PDF files. It is also possible to add files from cloud storage by adding your cloud accounts and printing files uploaded in them.

Summing Up

How to use a wireless printer with Android? This is the frequently asked question that was responded to in this post by the Free Phone App team. Hope you found this guide useful.

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