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What Is the Best Ad Blocker for Samsung Internet

What is the best ad blocker for Samsung internet? This is the frequently asked question that we will be focusing on in this post by the Free Phone App team. Stay tuned to the end of this guide if this is something that interests you.

Today, many services and apps are available to users for free, and their income is provided by displaying advertisements; But sometimes showing too many of these ads harms the user’s experience. Such cases are very noticeable in web games, and video streaming services. Fortunately, you can block ads on different platforms with the help of applications built and designed for this sole purpose.

What Is the Best Ad Blocker for Samsung Internet

Most of the existing apps used to block ads completely, require root access to function properly.

ABP for Samsung Internet

As the name of this app suggests, ABP for Samsung Internet is released only for Samsung and offers very good features in blocking advertisements. Using this tool you can even screen and select which ads to be displayed for you and which ads to be blocked.

This app will also take care of your phone against spam. ABP for Samsung Internet works on Samsung phones with Android 5 and above, and it requires a constant Internet connection to be active. ABP for Samsung Internet is still active on Google Play Store. ┬áThe user interface is super easy. You don’t really need to touch the settings; all you have to do would be to turn it on and off with a simple switch.

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AdBlock for Samsung Internet

Stop getting ads by using this Ad Blocker for Samsung Internet with over 50 million users across all platforms

  • Key feature of AdBlock for Samsung Internet:
  • Save battery power while downloading the files you want
  • Save on your monthly internet usage
  • Enjoy faster web page performance
  • Protect your privacy by using anti-tracking options
  • Set your custom language to block ads for a specific region
  • App support is free and responsive

Note that AdBlock for Samsung Internet only blocks ads on websites you view with Samsung Internet Browser.


The AdGuard application is considered a relatively newer name compared to the other options on the list, But it seems to perform well. This tool works similarly to the AdBlock Plus service and monitors device traffic to remove ads. Also, the root access will not be required for proper operation; But its initial configuration may take some time.

The AdGuard app can also monitor and record the amount of internet traffic used by different apps; A feature that can be seen in other popular tools such as GlassWire. The eye-catching design of the user interface and the use of material design have made working with it an enjoyable experience. The free version is only able to block ads inside the mobile or tablet browser, But the paid version can cover more parts of the operating system and will be used for computers based on Windows and Mac OS.

Summing Up

What is the best ad blocker for Samsung internet? This is the frequently asked question that we went through in this Fee Phone App post. Hope you found the guide useful.

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