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How to Stop Games from Crashing on iPhone

How to stop games from crashing on iPhone? No matter how powerful your iPhone is, there is always the possibility of this problem happening to you. This problem is not specific to iPhones of course. In this guide from Free Phone App, we are going to fully investigate this issue and provide solutions to get rid of it.


Stop Gams from Crashing on iPhone


Close All Apps and Re-Open the Game

Close all apps and then reopen the game application. Just press the Home button twice and select all the applications from the list of running apps and close them by moving them upwards. Instead of closing only the game and re-opening it again, it is always better to close all open apps running in the background of the phone once and then re-open the game.


Restart Your Phone

If the cause of the game crashing on your iPhone is a software problem, many times simply restarting your phone and re-opening the app might be able to help stop games from crashing on iPhone.


Make Sure There Is Nothing Wrong with the Game

If you have been playing the game for a while and now all of a sudden you are facing this problem particularly on the game app, it is most likely that the problem will be solved by updating the game.


Uninstall and Reinstall the Game

If the game has been performing well and then suddenly crashes, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app to see if it can help stop games from crashing on iPhone.

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Free Some Space

You may not consider this solution practical, but there is an important point about your iPhone’s internal memory that makes this solution worth a try. Keep in mind, when most of the iPhone’s memory is occupied, there will not be enough space left to run other apps including your game. If you have filled a large part of the phone’s memory with all kinds of files, you can try to clear some space to stop games from crashing on iPhone.

If you have recently encountered the problem and this is happening for a large number of your apps, and not just the game, it is likely that your iPhone needs some more free space.


Reset Factory Your iPhone

If the solutions provided above did not help stop games from crashing on iPhone, as a last resort, in order to solve the problem, you may need to factory reset your phone. To factory reset the iPhone, you must go to the Settings app. Then select General and tap Reset. In the next step, you must select Erase All Content and Settings.

At this stage, a box will appear that asks for the password of your iPhone. After entering the phone’s password, and selecting the Erase iPhone option, your phone will be reset. Keep in mind that by resetting the phone, all files and information will be deleted from the phone, so making a backup of your data before doing this would be wise.


Summing Up

How to stop games from crashing on iPhone? In this post from Free Phone App, we reviewed basics solutions to fix the problem of games crashing on your iPhone. Home we helped you keep playing and enjoying your favorite games on your iPhone.

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