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What Is the Best Free Equalizer App for iPhone

What is the best free equalizer app for iPhone? In this post from Free Phone App, we are going to provide you with a list of the best free equalizer and sound editing apps available for your iPhone. Many of you must be music lovers and listen to a lot of music on your iPhone and find this post helpful.


Best Free Equalizer App for iPhone


Flacbox is a music player with a professional sound equalizer and bass booster that supports almost any audio file in any format. Through this application, you can synchronize your music library with connected accounts.

The Flacbox app supports Google Chromecast, AirPlay, CarPlay, SONOS, etc. One of the most attractive features of this free player is its excellent EQ which will guarantee experiencing great sound quality even with average headphones.

This app is free to use and fulfills all your needs from a powerful music player and equalizer. However, to access the advanced features, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

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MPX EQ and Bass Booster

Whether you’re a music lover, a music producer, or addicted to listening to podcasts, MPX can be a great choice for you. Support for sound amplification and equalizer are two of the most remarkable features of this application.

The best feature of this app is its easy and attractive user interface. This interface is fully customizable and comes with a large number of themes to help you customize the MPX to your liking.

This music player and EQ are free and you don’t need to pay in-app purchases to use them. However, to access the professional features, you can pay a monthly subscription and become a premium user.

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jetAudio is an old and well-known name in the world of music. Excellent and attractive effects, sound amplifier, advanced EQ, crystallizer, etc. are only part of the wonderful features of this powerful iPhone music player.

While you can download and install this app for free, you need to become a premium jetAudio user to access the professional features. Considering the many features and capabilities of jetAudio, it is natural that its user interface is a bit crowded and cluttered though.

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Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor is a great app for recording and editing sound, and because of its many features and capabilities, you will not need to any other sound editing applications. Using this app, you will be able to easily and simply apply any editing you want to your audio files and get quality output and send it to others. In addition, with this app, you don’t have to worry about the size of your files anymore, because it has a compression feature available that you can easily use.

Functions and features of Lexis Audio Editor include:

  • The ability to mix the audio files
  • Ability to use high quality Equalizer
  • Adjusting the playback speed
  • Ability to compress files
  • Noise reduction
  • Tempo change

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Summing Up

What is the best free equalizer app for iPhone? Sometimes we need to make some changes to a music track in order to make it more palatable to us or the people around us.  Using the apps we went through in this Free Phone App post you can easily edit all your favorite music songs the way you want them to be.

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