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How to Fix Untrusted Apps on iPhone

How to fix untrusted apps on iPhone? If you have downloaded an application from somewhere other than the App Store, you will encounter the Untrusted Developer problem on your iPhone. Here in this guide from the Free Phone App team, we will learn how to overcome this problem.

Have you ever installed an app on your iPhone from somewhere other than the App Store? Installing the applications using a method without the need for the App Store is called Sideloading. If you have done this, you must have encountered the problem of the app not running and the Untrusted Developer error message appearing on your iPhone.

Apple has set strict rules for publishing applications in the App Store. That’s why some developers prefer not to have their applications on the App Store and use other methods to make their apps available to users.

If you are also a developer, Apple allows you to side-install your app on your device using Xcode. If you are a regular user, there are applications like AltStore that can replace the App Store. These apps claim to be home to applications that are nowhere to be found in the App Store and can be side-installed on your iPhone.

Anyway, to open apps that are downloaded from somewhere other than the App Store, you must first trust that developer. But how is this done?


Fix Untrusted Apps on iPhone by Trusting the Apps

Trusting an app to fix untrusted apps on iPhone is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Settings app of your phone.
  • In the settings app, scroll down and tap General
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select Profiles & Device Management
  • In the list that opens, tap on the name of the desired application developer
  • Now just tap “Trust developer name
  • Then tap the Trust button again from the opened window.
  • Now the desired application should run on your iPhone without any problems
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Following these steps, you can fix the Untrusted Developer error on your iPhone and run any application that you want. Applications that are installed in this way have become very popular in recent years because there is no need to jailbreak the system to run them.

One of the main reasons why users jailbreak their iPhones was the limitation of installing applications from a place other than the App Store, which has now been solved by sideloading.

Note: If you are a developer and have tested your app through Sideloading on your iPhone, you only have 7 days to use it. This limitation is for when you use a free developer account. By paying an annual amount and subscribing to an Apple developer account, you no longer need to worry about the expiration date of your application.

Summing Up

How to fix untrusted apps on iPhone? Every day, a large number of iOS users face the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error, and as a result, it is necessary to know a safe way to fix it. This is why the Fee Phone App team decided to write this guide up. Hope you found it helpful.

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