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How to Make an Apple ID Without a Phone Number 2022?

Making Apple ID - No Phone Number

Normally, to open an account and enjoy account-based services on various websites, it is necessary to provide identifying information such as name and date of birth and things such as password and email. All of these things are also present in the creation of Apple ID, but it should be noted that Apple ID is more sensitive than other accounts such as Gmail. In this article from Free phone app, we will talk about how to make an apple id without a phone number 2022. So stay with this article to get the information.

How to Make an Apple ID

Apple ID is more sensitive than other accounts such as Gmail. Because due to the strict security measures that Apple has adopted, if there is a problem with any of the information provided, such as unavailability or forgetting of any of the information, it will cause great problems for the users, so that the person is forced to restrict the use of the device.

Therefore, you must pay attention to a few points when creating an Apple ID using the methods presented in this article.

  • Enter your personal details correctly; In particular, it is emphasized to enter your date of birth carefully, the order of entering it is year/day/month.
  • Be sure to use your personal and permanent e-mail and avoid providing temporary e-mails or e-mails for which you have not set a method to recover the password in case you forget it.
  • Determine the security questions that you will be asked during the process carefully; This means that you choose the most common questions whose answers you will not easily forget.
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How to create Apple ID without phone number 2022
How to Create Apple ID Without Phone Number

Billing Address & Phone Number

Apart from the things mentioned above, other things are also required to complete the creation of an Apple ID, which is required to use the paid and subscription services of Apple such as iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, App Store, and other related services. This information includes details of credit card or bank account information (Payment Information) and payment addresses (Billing & Shipping Address).

The billing address includes information such as country, city, state, address, zip code, phone number, and details of the recipient. Please note that Apple does not use this information to authenticate you or to retrieve your Apple ID. As mentioned, filling in this information is required to use the App Store.

How to Make an Apple ID Without a Phone Number 2022?

As we told in the previse paragraph, Apple ID is an integral part of Apple products. If you have an Apple device, regardless of the type of device (phone or Macbook, etc.), you will undoubtedly need it to use functions such as iTunes, use iCloud, and download programs.

  • First, you need to download and install iTuneson your computer. (Of course, be careful not to go to the latest version of iTunes, because in the last updates of this program, it is necessary to enter the phone number. So it is better to use older versions to create an Apple ID without a number. Our recommendation is iTunes, which is almost the last version of this program that does not ask for your phone number, and it is possible to bypass this problem.)
  • To know how to make an apple id without a phone number, first, run iTunes.
  • Now you need a zip code, preferably one that belongs to the US, so that it doesn’t get messed up. (There are many sites for providing zip codes that you can find with a simple Google search; For example, one of these sites is fakeaddressgenerator.)
  • By entering it, just click the Random Address option to get a fake postal code.
  • After opening iTunes, select the Account option in the top bar and click Sign in in the opened drawer.
  • The window that opens is for registering and creating an Apple ID account, by clicking the Create New Apple ID option.
  • By pressing continue, you go to the next part.
  • In this section, you will see an information form in which you should choose your email and password, then check the rules to go to the next step.
  • In this step, you must complete your payment information and enter your postal address.
  • In this step, you need to confirm your Apple ID. When creating an Apple ID without a phone number, a verification code will be sent to the email address you previously entered in the profile form instead of an SMS. If for any reason you do not receive an email, wait a few minutes and then click on Request a New Code so that the code will be sent to you again.
  • Enter the verification code in the corresponding field and click Verify at the end.
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Summing up

We gave you complete information and step by step guide on how to make an apple id without a phone number 2022. In this article from Free phone app, we learned that we need to should install the old version of iTunes and make sure to use a valid email. Remember to write down the security questions and answer choices. And finally, try not to forget the password and email entered in the profile because it is considered your identity.

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