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How to add more than 256 members in WhatsApp group on iPhone?

WhatsApp messenger has provided users with free services such as voice and video calls, sending text messages, creating groups, etc. You are probably familiar with all these services and have already used them many times. So now to consider the main topic of the article from Iran social security magazine we want talk about how to add more than 256 members in WhatsApp group? So stay with us to learn more.

How to add more than 256 members in WhatsApp group?

Currently, WhatsApp is a very popular place for our daily conversations. From work to family and friends gatherings, everyone conducts many of their conversations in WhatsApp groups. Of course, in some cases we face problems, but in general, WhatsApp groups can be considered one of the most flawless and convenient ways to communicate with each other.

Maybe it happened to you to in some cases, that decide to join a group, but when you click on the join option, you will faced with an error message that the group is full. You might be thinking that there is no way to join the filled WhatsApp group anymore. We should say that there are many solutions. It is quite clear that if someone leaves the group, another member can be added to the group. A person can also request the group manager to add him to the group. But the main question is how to add more than 256 members in WhatsApp group?

As you know the capacity of WhatsApp groups is 256 member. To add more members, we will mention 2 ways below:

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Share the group link

Now we assume that you are a group manager and you intend to increase the number of members in your group to more than 256 people. In the first step, when you decide to add more members to the group individually, you will face an error message. WhatsApp informs you that you have reached the limit and such a thing is not possible. Of course, even with these conditions, if you send invitations or requests to people through a link, they can join the group and eventually the number of members in your group will increase.

Download ES File Explorer

The first step in this process is to root the device. If you are not familiar with rooting, with just a simple search, you can get the necessary information and root your device. We must say that doing this is not complicated and difficult at all, so now we can go to the next steps.

Now that you have rooted your device, go to Google Play and download ES File Explorer from the store.

  1. After ES File Explorer is downloaded, open it. There is an option named menu above the program and in its left corner, click on it and then activate Root Explorer.
  2. In this step, open the directory or the displayed link (Path of Directory: data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/) and also edit the program.
  3. You may encounter an error message at this time. If so, select the more option in the lower right corner. After selecting more, select Properties. Tap on the change option and enter the Permission field.
  4. In the next step to describe how to add more than 256 members in WhatsApp group, select in edit mode. Search for Participants-size-limit field. You will see that by default, the value of this field is set to 257. Here you can change this number to your liking.
  5. In the last step, go to settings and then click on programs. Select Force Stop it and WhatsApp.
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At the end

We explained how to add more than 256 members in WhatsApp group in 2 methods and described both of them. They such as sharing the group link and downloading ES File Explorer. In this article from Iran social security magazine we tried to give you complete information. We hope this article has helped you.

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