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How to fix crashing apps on jailbroken iphone?

How to fix crashing apps on jailbroken iPhone? Jailbreaking an iPhone is a fun way to expand the device’s feature set or customize the aesthetics of the operating system in complex ways that simply aren’t possible. In this article on free phone app, we want to talk about this issue. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

How to fix broken apps on jailbroken iPhone?

Although many jailbreaks nowadays are semi offline and rebooting means you have to run the jailbreak tool again to get back to jailbroken mode, the fact is that sometimes rebooting the device can fix errors. This often happens when you’ve installed another jailbreak that requires a reboot after installation, but you’ve been putting off doing it because of the problem it causes. If a simple reboot doesn’t fix the problem, we need to move on to some more complicated troubleshooting steps:

How to fix broken apps on jailbroken iPhone?

Make sure you don’t use any conflicting jailbreak tricks. Perhaps one of the most common causes of app crashes or device crashes is when the end user installs two jailbreak tricks that conflict with each other. It’s easy to spot issues like this because it just takes a bit of thinking about which ones to consider, the tricks can conflict with each other based on what they do. Obviously if you have multiple jailbreaks installed that a particular app or tweaks a specific user interface in iOS or iPadOS and you’re experiencing instabilities, there’s a chance these tweaks aren’t compatible with each other.

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BytaFont 3 problems

BytaFont 3 allows people to see something other than the default Apple font on their iPhone. They can customize the favorites system on their iPhone or iPad to their liking. One problem reported by users is that the app puts their devices in a boot loop. This has been a complaint since the latest version of ByteFont 3. While why this happens is a matter of dispute, the BytaFont tweak has now been updated to version 3.1.3. Downloading the update seems to prevent the boot from looping.

If you’ve determined that the problem is with a jailbreak tweak, but haven’t determined which of the above steps, then the only logical next step is to limit and destroy the tweak with the uninstall process. You can do this by removing individual tweaks on your device one by one until the crashes or flashbacks stop. Once that’s done, you can narrow your search to the tweaks you uninstalled and reinstall them in a different order from the way you uninstalled them until the problems reappear.

When you experience problems again, you can uninstall the jailbreak tweak you recently reinstalled to see if the problems stop. When they do, you’ve probably found your culprit tweak and can remove it again to regain device stability.


In this article on the free phone app site, we have answered one of the most common questions of users and examined it in different ways. There are other methods that you can use which we have mentioned in this article.

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