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How to Get Apple Watch Connected to iPhone?

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How to get apple watch connected to iPhone? If you’ve recently updated your iPhone, you may be wondering what to do with your Apple Watch. In this article on Free Phone App, we want to talk about this issue. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

The Apple Watch is an integral part of the Apple ecosystem that can be seamlessly paired with the iPhone. You can scan the QR code during its initial setup and simply connect to it; Also, after the initial setup, whenever you bring your iPhone and Apple Watch close to each other, it will detect and sync each other. However, sometimes, the two may not be paired due to different issues, and it seems that your Apple Watch is completely out of the Apple ecosystem, but there is nothing to worry about, if you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone You are having trouble, this tutorial will check for you how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone and reconnect Apple Watch to new iPhone. So if you intend to pair Apple Watch with iPhone, don’t miss this article.

How to Get Apple Watch Connected to iPhone?

Unlike the best iPhones, even in watchOS 9, there’s no easy way to manually back up the Apple Watch 7 or other Apple Watches to iCloud. The reason is that Apple Watch backups are not backups at all. Your watch borrows most of its data from your paired iPhone, so all of that data is stored in your iPhone’s iCloud or iTunes backup.

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When your watch connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it regularly syncs the health and app data it collects with your iPhone and through your phone, iCloud; But you can’t choose when you want to sync that information. This happens in the background; Unless you manually unpair your Apple Watch, it will automatically sync its latest data to your iPhone. Next, we will check how you can connect Apple Watch to iPhone.

How to Get Apple Watch Connected to iPhone?

First of all, make sure your watch is compatible with your iPhone model. Hopefully you’ve done this before purchasing your Apple Watch, but if you haven’t, don’t open the box until you’ve verified this information. Also make sure your iPhone iOS is up to date. You can check what iOS you’re running by going to Settings > General > About and scroll down to see which version you have. Once you’ve confirmed that your Apple Watch works with your iPhone, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and your iPhone is connected to WiFi or a cellular network. Also, make sure you have the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and if not, download it from the App Store. Then do the following steps:

Turn on your Apple Watch. Press and hold the right button on your Apple Watch until you see the white Apple logo on a black background. It may stay on this page for a few minutes.

  • Then select your language and region.
  • Keep your watch close to your iPhone. Wait for Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch to appear on your iPhone.
  • An animation will appear on your Apple Watch. Point your iPhone camera at the clock and place the hourglass window on the center clock face.
  • Choose your left or right wrist.
  • Read the terms and conditions and then tap Agree to continue.
  • Sign in to your iCloud account. It may automatically log you in. Otherwise, enter your iCloud information on your phone.
  • You can now choose which settings to turn on and which settings your iPhone shares with your Apple Watch.
  • In this step, you will be asked to create a password. You can choose between a 4-digit or 8-digit password.
  • Choose apps to add to your watch. You can choose to add all the Apple Watch-compatible apps you already have on your iPhone or you can skip this step and manually select apps from the Apple Watch app once you’ve completed setup.
  • Wait for your Apple Watch to sync. Depending on the amount of data you are transferring, this may take some time. Hold the devices close to each other and you’ll hear a chime when syncing is complete.
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How to Get Apple Watch Connected to iPhone?
How to Get Apple Watch Connected to iPhone?

How to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

  • Step 1. Open Watch app on iPhone.
  • Step 2. Tap the My Watch option, then tap the All Watches option at the top of the screen.
  • Step 3. Tap the ā€œiā€ icon next to the desired watch to unpair, and then tap Unpair Apple Watch.
  • Step 4. Tap to confirm again and then wait for the watch to unpair.


In this article on the site Free Phone App, we answered one of the most important questions of Apple Watch users and owners and told you step by step how you can make this connection.

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