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How to Fix Google Crashing on iPhone

Although Safari dominates iOS, there are still millions of users who prefer Google Chrome. Especially now that Apple has allowed changing the default browser. However, using Google Chrome on iPhone isn’t always the most pleasant experience. In this post from FreePhoneApp, we will learn how to fix Google crashing on iPhone.

Google Chrome simply needs more work because it’s not as fully integrated into the operating system as Safari. But even if we leave the convenience bugs aside, there are still technical issues that some users face on a daily basis. That’s why we decided to write this guide up.


Fix Google Crashing on iPhone


Solution #1: Close other Tabs and Apps

While your iPhone or iPad is running other apps, it may run out of memory and fail to load. Before doing anything else, you just need to free up some memory:

  • Close all the tabs except for the one showing the error message
  • Exit other apps that are running
  • Temporarily stop downloading any type of apps or files
  • Refresh the page


Solution #2: Restart Chrome

Restart the Google Chrome app and check if the problem persists. Open the app again and try using it for a while. If you have no more problems, it means that there was only a minor glitch. But if your problem persists, go ahead and try other solutions to fix Google crashing on iPhone.


Solution #3: Restart Your iPhone

Restarting things has always been a go-to solution for any tech-related issue. Restarting your iPhone may actually help to fix Google crashing on your iPhone. This will bring back your iPhone to its optimal state.

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To restart your iPhone, press and hold the Side button + Volume Down button at the same time until the shutdown slider appears. Just move the slider to the right and your iPhone will turn off.

Restart your iPhone and check if Google Chrome is now working as intended or not.


Solution #4: Update the Google Chrome app

A company as big as Google updates its apps almost weekly. However, even Google developers are not infallible. Maybe the latest Google Chrome update made it unusable

Make sure you check for updates regularly, so you can get a patch as soon as possible. To check for new Google Chrome app updates, go to the App Store, search for Google Chrome, and see if there’s a new update. If available, install the update. Doing this may be able to help to fix Google crashing on iPhone.


Solution #5: Open the Page in Another Browser

To find out if it is the web page or Chrome that is causing the problem, try opening the page in another browser. For example, try using Firefox or Safari to load the page.

If the page works just fine in another browser, uninstall and reinstall Chrome. There may be an issue with your Chrome profile that is causing these glitches. Uninstall Chrome and be sure to check the “Delete browsing product data” box. Then reinstall Chrome and see if the problem is fixed or not.

How to Fix Google Crashing on iPhone
If after all this, Google is still crashing on your iPhone, you can try reporting the issue.

Summing Up

How to fix Google crashing on iPhone? FreePhoneApp hopes we helped answer the question for some of you who are still facing this problem. If after all this, Google is still crashing on your iPhone, you can try reporting the issue.

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