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How to Connect Apple Watch to Android Without iPhone

In this guide by the Free Phone App team, we will be learning how to connect Apple watch to Android without iPhone. Stay tuned to the end of this post if this is something that interests you.

Is It Possible to Use Apple Watch with Android?

Well, many people have asked if they can use an Apple Watch with an Android phone or not. Well, let’s find out, irrespective of whether your phone is from Samsung, OnePlus, or Google, or what Android version it is running. What you can do is set up your Apple Watch using an iPhone and then use it for fitness tracking and other basic purposes without iPhone.

How to Connect Apple Watch to Android Without iPhone

Since the Apple Watch is not compatible with Android, you need to use it as a standalone Smartwatch. For this, you first need to ensure that you buy the cellular variant of the wearable; otherwise, you’ll significantly limit what it can do.

It is not possible to set up the watch using an Android phone or even an iPad. You must also use your own iPhone for setting up since the Apple Watch will use the Apple ID that’s associated with the device. Any old iPhone will work as long as Apple still supports it.  This means you cannot use your friend’s iPhone to set up the watch.

Setting Up Your Apple Watch

While setting up the cellular connection on your watch, ensure that your Android phone is turned off. Once you have paired and set up the Apple Watch, proceed to install all your important and favorite apps on it. The good thing is that you can install new apps from the App Store   on the Apple Watch directly over a cellular connection and you don’t need your iPhone for it.

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You will also receive notifications from many apps that can work independently of an iPhone, including iMessage, However, many watchOS apps are not standalone, meaning they require the watch to be connected to the iPhone to work. This is also why you should not use a GPS-only Apple Watch, as you won’t be able to use most of the apps installed on the watch or receive any notifications from them.

A cellular connection will also help the smartwatch in acquiring faster GPS locks, which would be useful when tracking outdoor activities. Do note that depending on your mobile operator, you might have to pay extra for cellular connection on the watch, Now, you can wear your Apple Watch and use it alongside your Android phone.

The two devices won’t communicate with each other, so you won’t receive notifications from your Android phone on your Apple Watch. However, standalone apps on the smartwatch that only need an internet connection would work just fine. You  can use this setup to track your daily steps,  workout routines, and stream music  to your earbuds via the watch.

Summing Up

In this guide by the Free Phone App team. We learned How to Connect Apple Watch to Android Without iPhone. Hope you found the post useful.

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