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What Are the Best Free Pilates Apps for iPhone

Doing Pilates is one of the best ways you can strengthen your muscles and build your body, while also keeping your weight in the optimal range. With so many fitness and exercise programs and applications available these days, it can sometimes be a bit challenging to know which ones are the best. This is why we at FreePhoneApp went ahead and tried to answer the question:


Best Free Pilates Apps for iPhone


FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

With FitOn you can get fit and lose weight by having access to free personalized workouts and exercise videos. Now you can simply do Pilates anywhere and anytime with no excuse. FitOn provides you with the chance to work with the likes of Jeanette Jenkins, Christine Bullock, Danielle Pascente, and many other celebrity trainers.

FitOn will help you have better sleep, relax your body ad mind and reduce stress through effective workouts you can conveniently watch on your iPhone. FitOn is a truly free application without any limits with workouts for everyone. There are no hooks, hidden agendas, or strings attached.
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Club Pilates

With Club Pilates, you get to find your preferred instructors and classes and personalize your Club Pilates experience. The home screen which again is highly customizable will highlight key information that matters to you the most including, for example, your goal progress.

Joining the classes or waitlists is super easy and there is also an interactive map that helps you find the nearest Club Pilates. Everything is neatly managed, scheduled, and organized for you by this app. You also have the option of viewing your progress in one place if you integrate Club Pilates with the Apple Health App.

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5 Minute Pilates Workouts

5 Minutes Pilates is one of the best free Pilates apps for iPhone which turns regular but quick Pilates workouts and everyday reality. All you are going to need is a mat or really any other soft surface to exercise on. There is a timer function with this app that makes sure every workout lasts under 5 minutes and no more.

Using the 5 Minute Pilates application, you will be surprised by what can be achieved in under 5 minutes of your day. Everything will be super easy and there will be no confusion as there are 3D animation videos as well as crystal clear explanations that make this app ideal even for beginners.
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Pilates Anytime Workouts

Pilates Anytime Workouts boasts one of the greatest varieties of content available when it comes to Pilates workouts. The app offers a 14-day trial but later will require a subscription to use.

What’s more, is that every week new content and videos are added that you can choose to download or stream. The best Pilates trainers in the business will guide you through your progress step by step. While this can easily be one of the best free Pilates apps for iPhone, the fact that you are not going to be able to continue your progress unless you pay and subscribe can be off putting to many users.

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Signing Off

What are the best free Pilates apps for iPhone? The apps provided in this list by the  FreePhoneApp are excellent at providing iPhone users with convenient and quick workouts for a variety of different levels. With these apps, from beginner to advanced options, there is something for everyone to try and learn.

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