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What Is the Best Fake Text App for iPhone

What is the best fake text app for iPhone? Here you can find the best in the business of fake texting applications for your iPhone. So, if you are searching to find the best fake text generators, you have certainly come to the right place. Enjoy Freephoneapp‘s pick of the best of the best.

Generating fake chats and pranking family and friends can sometimes be fun. Some of the most popular trending posts you see on Facebook are actually generated using fake text applications. What happens is that these apps protect the sender’s identity from being revealed and people will not be able to trace you.


Best Fake Text Apps for iPhone

TextingStory Chat Story Maker

TextingStory Chat Story Maker is a conversation simulator. This amazing app allows you to make fake text messages in a convincing way. Use this application to amuse and have fun with family members and friends. You can use TextingStory Chat Story Maker’s share screen feature to send your screenshots to anyone you intend to prank. At first glance, the fake chat seems to be a standard messenger. You can swap between characters by touching their names.


  • You can generate fake text conversations
  • Sharing your fake text conversations is super easy
  • You can turn your fake text conversation into a video

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Faker 2

Faker 2 is another remarkably good fake text app that you can use to send and receive fake messages to and from anyone. You also get to choose from various available themes in order to give the screen a standard appearance. Prank your family and friends with this realistic fake text app. The only downside to the application is that in order to use some of the more advanced properties, you have to pay.

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  • You can create fake messages
  • You can add multiple messages
  • You can set the name of the recipient

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Text Yourself

Text Yourself is without a doubt one of the best fake texting apps for iPhone. One of the interesting features you will find in this app is having access to its long list of entertaining stories you can enjoy as a reader.

You will certainly not get bored with this app’s various entertaining categorized material. of course, you can also choose to design your own stories from time to time as well. Sharing your unique creations with your friend and family members is super easy too.


  • You can generate Create your own texting stories
  • You can modify different conversations
  • Use audios, videos, or photos with realistic text tales

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Second SMS

Second SMS has the potential to be crowned as the best fake text app for iPhone. Most of the apps we talked about generate fake text messages, with Second SMS however, you get to send real messages.

The main distinction between this app and the others is that Second SMS actually provides you with a temporary phone number that you can use for texting. While you do this, you will not need to use your real phone number. This would be ideal for situations when you would like to chat with someone but also need to make sure that you stay anonymous.


  • You can receive a second temporary phone number
  • You can choose from thousands of phone numbers
  • You can easily fake text message, anyone
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Bottom Line

What is the best fake text app for iPhone? This was FreePhoneApp‘s list of the best fake text app for iPhone that you can use to send texts without the receiver being able to trace you back.  You are free to choose any one of these options and prank your family and friends. A good fake text app for your iPhone can help you deceive people and have some good-natured fun.

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