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What Is the Best Free Countdown App for iPhone

What is the best free countdown app for iPhone? Sometimes it is not easy to keep abreast of all the events and occasions in our lives and there is a big chance you might miss some of these deadlines by accident. To make sure that this won’t happen and keep things orderly and planned, FreePhoneApp has come up with a list of the best free countdown apps for your iPhone.


Best Free Countdown apps for iPhone


Reminder & Countdown


Rating 4.8

Reminder & Countdown has been designed with the purpose of reminding you about your major meetings, appointments, deadlines, holidays, etc. so that none of them are missed in your hectic life. Using the app is pretty easy and can help you reach your goals or finalize your tasks in time.

The font, alert notifications, date and time, and other options are easily customizable based on your personal taste. The sharing options that come with Reminder & Countdown are top-notch and provide you with the opportunity to send your reminders via Email, SMS, MMS, social media, etc. to anyone anywhere in the world.

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Countdown + Calendar (Lite)


Rating 4.8

As the ratings stand, Countdown + Calendar is without a doubt one of the best free countdown apps for iPhone. With it is super easy to keep track of major occasions and events. Count down calendar planner, auto reminders, and much more are among the cool features that this countdown app has to offer its users. You also get to customize your marked occasions and events to make counting down with this application even more fun,

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There will be no limit to the number of events you can create on Countdown + Calendar. The app is user-friendly and also allows for your Facebook events to be synced and added to your countdown list. You can select the timer units to fit your needs in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and even years.

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Countdown Days Since & Until


Rating 4.7

With this app, you can count up from or count down to any major events or occasions in any unit of time from years to minutes and seconds. The setup is straightforward and an unlimited number of important dates and reminders can easily be set or imported from your calendar.

The sharing capabilities of Countdown Days Since & Until makes posting your screenshots or countdowns to social media just a breeze. You can also customize your background or photos and pick unit icons for each event.

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My Day – Countdown Calendar


Rating 3.9

Using My Day – Countdoun Calendar, you will not miss another major occasion or event. Notifications can easily be set up for major dates such as important meetings or special occasions to keep track of things that may easily be forgotten.

The graphics used in the app are beautiful, you can both count down to or count up from any event, and using the whole thing is remarkably simple and easy. You can even have countdowns to important events such as friends’ birthdays on Facebook, using the cool import feature of this app.

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Summing Up

What is the best free countdown app for iPhone? With this FreePhoneApp’s list of the best free countdown apps for iPhone, You will not forget another major event or occasion in your life just because you are a busy, productive human being. We hope you find your favorite pick among ours and be able to use it to your best advantage.

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