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How to Make Your Wallpaper Change Automatically iPhone iOS 16

In this post by the Free Phone App team, you are going to learn how to make your wallpaper change automatically iPhone iOS 16. Stay tuned to the end of this guide if this is something that interests you.

How to Make Your Wallpaper Change Automatically iPhone iOS 16?

iOS 16 brings a bunch of cool new features to personalize your lock screen and home screen, including the new Photo Shuffle feature. This feature allows you to automatically change the wallpaper image on your iPhone. You can save a different set of lock screen settings on your iPhone running iOS 16. Here is how to automatically change wallpaper on iPhone 16.

The Photo Shuffle feature has several options that allow you to change your wallpaper daily, hourly, every time you turn on the device, or with a tap on the lock screen. Obviously, you can choose any photo from your photo library or you can use the selected photos on your iPhone in iOS 16. One of the coolest new features is that it lets you choose between different color filters and clock fonts on the lock screen.

With the new Photo Shuffle feature in iOS 16, there is no need to use different shortcuts to automatically change the background images. Now let’s take a look at how you can set automatic wallpaper change for iPhone home screen and lock screen.

How to Make Your Wallpaper Change Automatically iPhone iOS 16
How to Make Your Wallpaper Change Automatically iPhone iOS 16

How to Automatically Change Wallpaper in iOS 16?

In iOS 16, there are two different ways to change the background, one is the new method by holding the lock screen and the second is the traditional method inside the Settings app. In this section, we will present the method of teaching the first method.

  1. Unlock your iPhone running iOS 16 or later.
  2. Tap and hold the lock screen for a second, then tap the + icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select Photo Shuffle from the icon above or from the various sections shown on the customization page.
  4. In this section you will be shown featured images that are automatically selected for a better lock screen. With options like people, pets, nature, cities and more. You can remove any of the options you don’t like from the list.
  5. Now change the frequency according to your need, you can choose between hourly, daily, on tap or lock. As the name suggests, the background changes when you can tap on the lock screen and also for lock on, the background changes every time you lock your iPhone.
  6. You can manually tap Select Photos, then select your favorite photos from the photo library. You can select photos from any album you want. After selecting the photos, tap on the top right corner.
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Note: If you use photos manually, you can select up to 50 photos.

  1. On the preview screen, you can swipe between different filters or choose different clock fonts by tapping on them.
  2. Once done, you can tap the done option in the top right corner.

If you use On Lock as your Shuffle Frequency, you’ll see a different lock screen background every time you unlock your iPhone, the same can be said for other Shuffle Frequency options. If you want to stay up to date with different activities, you can also add widgets to your lock screen on the preview screen.

So, this is one of the easiest ways to set up automatic wallpaper image change on your iPhone running on iOS 16.

Summing Up

In this tutorial by the Free Phone App team, you learned how to make your wallpaper change automatically iPhone iOS 16. Hope you found this guide useful. Keep browsing Free Phone App for more helpful guides.

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