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How to Unsend iMessage on iPhone 11

In this tutorial by the Free Phone App team, we are going to learn how to unsend iMessage on iPhone 11. Stay tuned to the end of this guide if this is something that interests you.

How to Unsend iMessage on iPhone 11?

iMessage is a service from Apple that allows you to receive or send messages such as SMS, photos and videos from other users with your Apple devices. In addition, by starting this system, you can receive or send location, voice memo, contact. In order to use this system, you need to have Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch must have iOS 5 or higher.

Not long ago, an SMS was sent by the first mobile operator to iPhone users. This message was a warning that face time and i-message software in iPhone phones send text messages to international destinations automatically when activated. Disabling iMessage will prevent this and incur charges.

If the user does not disable the FaceTime and iMessage options, additional costs will be automatically added to the shared phone bill. In this article, we are going to explain how to disable iMessage in addition to describing the function of iMessage.

How to Unsend iMessage on iPhone 11
How to Unsend iMessage on iPhone 11

The benefits of iPhone iMessage

  • View the other person’s typing
  • Default presentation from Apple on all devices
  • Applicable on devices that have iOS 5 installed and have access to the Internet
  • Sending text/multimedia messages over the Internet without any cost
  • Very high speed in sending SMS (less than 1 second)
  • The ability to send photos and audio, etc. (the speed of this depends on the size of the file)
  • Advanced delivery (receive Delivered after sending)
  • Receive Read after your message has been read
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After turning on their device, iPhone users will receive a question to confirm the activity of iMessage or FaceTime. When this activity is confirmed by the user, the iPhone device sends a message confirming the iMessage or FaceTime service to Apple.

This sending will continue until you come across the message again and cancel the request. The cost of messages sent to Apple, since this message is considered international, is high. The constant repetition of this message will cause the subscriber’s charge to run out quickly or, if the subscriber is a subscriber of permanent mobile phone lines, a high fee will be added to his bill. The best solution for this problem is to disable iMessage.

How to Disable iPhone iMessage

  • To start the process of disabling iMessage, go to the setting section
  • Find the message section in the setting section
  • In the message section, you can disable the iMessage option.

To disable Face Time, you can also use the same path as above in setting:

  • Go to the setting section
  • Find the face time section in the setting section
  • In the face time section, you can disable the face time option.

tip: If you do not need to disable iMessage, it is better to choose the cancel option every time you encounter the opposite SMS in order to avoid imposing high costs on yourself.

Summing Up

In this tutorial by the Free Phone App team, we learned how to unsend iMessage on iPhone 11. Hope you found this guide helpful.

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