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How to Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone

In this guide by the Free Phone App team, you are going to learn how to hide your caller ID on iPhone. Stay tuned to the end of this tutorial if this is something that interests you.

Have you tried hiding your caller ID on iPhone? Sometimes you don’t want your phone number to fall into the wrong hands. For this purpose, you can make business contacts and use these methods to reach people you have communicated with through several companies and you do not have the necessary confidence to trust them. In this situation, you should hide your phone number and not allow people to access it. In this way, your privacy will be fully protected.

How to Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone

Change Caller ID Settings on Your Phone

By changing the settings on your device, you can block your phone number and hide your caller ID. On Android and iOS devices, you are given the option to hide your caller ID, which allows you to call anyone you like as a No Caller ID, Private or Blocked caller.

Unfortunately, some carriers don’t allow you to block caller ID from the device. If you can’t find the settings below, it’s probably not provided by the carrier company. In the following, you can learn how to hide your caller ID on iPhone:

  • Open the phone’s Settings and scroll down and tap on the Phone option.
  • Click on Show My Caller ID option and set its settings so that your phone number is hidden.
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Caller ID Blocking Directly from the Service Provider

If you can’t find an option to block your number or hide caller ID in your phone settings, it’s best to block your phone number directly through your service provider.

Most of the telecommunication companies do not allow you to block your number in the device settings, but they have provided this possibility in their own applications. If not, you should contact the relevant company and ask them to hide your called ID.

How to Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone
How to Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone

you can hide your caller ID on iPhone and Android phones. This hiding helps you to make safe and protected calls for work related matters and prevent people from future exploits. These methods can be different on some phones, but the general working principle is the same. If your SIM card provider has not provided such a possibility, the best way is to connect to their support line and ask about how to have this feature activated. These methods are the same in all iPhone phones, but as mentioned, sometimes there may be differences in some Android devics.

How to Hide Caller ID on an Android Device

Depending on the type of Android phone and calling software, the process of hiding a phone number can be different. Below are two common methods to reach the caller ID blocking option that we will share with you:

  • Go to the Phone app and open the menu marked with three dots (…) in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Settings and go to the Supplementary Services section located at the bottom of this section.
  • Depending on the type of device you are using, you may need to go to Call > Additional.
  • Select the Show my caller ID option and then select the desired number for Hide from the list that opens for you.
  • If this method does not work, you can choose another location.
  • Launch the Phone app and go to Menu > Setting again.
  • Select the Calling accounts option and then select your service provider under Settings.
  • Select the Additional settings option.
  • Select the Caller ID option and select Hide number to block it permanently.
    How to Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone
    How to Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone

Summing Up

In this guide by the Free Phone App team, you learned how to hide your caller ID on iPhone. Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Brose Free Phone App for more useful content.

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