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How to Factory Reset Android Without Password

In this post by the Free Phone App team, you are going to learn how to factory reset android without password. Stay tuned to the end of this guide if this is something that interests you.

Factory reset or returning to factory settings is a function that is usually not needed because it deletes all the information inside the phone’s internal memory, such as the phone book, messages and images, movies and apps stored in the internal memory.

Now, if you want to factory reset the phone for various reasons, such as forgetting the password, selling or changing the ownership of the phone, follow this article.

NB: if your phone’s Android version is 5 or higher and you have set up a Gmail account for your phone, make sure to remember your Gmail password, because some phones must log in to the same account after restarting and only then the account can be changed. (This issue is applied by some companies for security measures and in order to prevent phone theft.)

  • If you know the password and want to restore the factory settings to change the ownership, just go to the ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Backup & Restore’ section or in some phones ‘Backup & Reset’ and select the ‘Factory Reset’ option.
  • But if you forgot your password, you can use the following method depending on the type of your phone.
How to Factory Reset Android Without Password
How to Factory Reset Android Without Password

How to Factory Reset Android Without Password?

Step 1: Turn off your phone first. And let it remain off for about 30 seconds to a minute. This is going to be slightly different for each phone.

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Step 2: Hold the Home button + Power button + Volume up for a few seconds to see the image of an Android robot lying on the ground (as in Samsung phones). If it doesn’t work, turn off the device try this: Hold the Home button+ Power button.

Phones that do not have a Home button: Hold the power + volume down button together. If it doesn’t work, try this: Hold Power + Volume Down button (some Samsung phones)

Step 3: If the image of the Android robot has fallen on the ground, it is clear that you have entered the Recovery mode on the screen, now use the volume up and down buttons to move in the menu that appears and select the ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ option and confirm with the power button and the question with a Yes. Wait until the factory reset is done completely and the initial welcome screen of the phone appears on the screen.

  • NB: Make sure the phone has enough charge (at least 30%)
  • NB: At any moment in the Recovery mode environment, the phone will be reset by holding the power button for a few seconds.
  • NB: Be sure to remove the external memory card or SD card because the phone may not enter recovery mode.

Summing Up

In this post by the Free Phone App team, we learned how to factory reset android without password. Hope you found the guide helpful.

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