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How to fix Facebook login error iPhone?

How to fix iPhone Facebook login error? You are trying to sign into your Facebook account but you are getting this error saying “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again to log in.” You tried again but still got the same error message. Apparently, something went wrong and needs to be fixed. In the rest of this article on free phone app, we want to talk about What to do when you face the same Facebook login error on your iPhone, so stay with us till the end of this article.

Why do Facebook login errors occur?

As long as you have your registered account information, logging into Facebook is very simple. However, encountering random errors while using online apps and services is inevitable; Because they can be caused by different factors. One obvious reason why you can’t log into your Facebook account is that the information you entered was incorrect. This usually happens when you type a wrong username or password. In addition to incorrect account information, software-related factors can also cause random errors when using Facebook. Therefore, removing them is the key to achieving the final solution.

How to fix iPhone Facebook login error?


Troubleshoot Facebook Login Error on iPhone

Before you begin, check and make sure your iPhone is connected to the Internet. If there is no internet, you cannot log in and use Facebook. The same is true when the internet connection is unstable and very slow. If the internet is working fine, you may go ahead and start troubleshooting Facebook app problems on your iOS device. Don’t forget to check after applying any of the given solutions to determine if the error is fixed or not. No, log back into Facebook.

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Exit and restart the Facebook app.

If you were previously able to use Facebook on your iPhone without any trouble logging in and suddenly this error occurs, it might just be a random problem with the app. To fix this problem, restart the Facebook app on your iPhone. So, the first suggestion is to terminate and then restart Facebook.

  • So, the first thing you need to do is:
  • Open the Home screen by double-pressing the home button.
  • Swipe right or left to find the Facebook app preview, then swipe to close the app.
  • Do the same with other recently used apps that you have open and running in the background so that none of them interfere with Facebook the next time you launch them.

Check your iPhone’s internet connection.

Updating your iPhone’s Internet connection is also recommended to fix minor network glitches that may have led to some conflicts with online apps and services like Facebook. There are many ways to do this on your iPhone.

If you are using Wi-Fi, turning the Wi-Fi switch off and on through the settings menu or from the Control Center is the first recommendation. If you are using mobile data, turning the mobile data switch off and on through Settings or Control Center can be the solution. You can also enable simultaneous Internet updates by toggling Airplane Mode by going to Settings > Airplane Mode and then toggling the switch on and off.

Turning on airplane mode simultaneously disables all of the phone’s wireless features, including Bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi connections. Turning Airplane Mode off again reverses the process and turns on all of the phone’s wireless features at once. Doing this trick will also fix any minor glitches that occur in any of the wireless apps and services. However, it may be able to fix the Facebook app that is having problems on your iPhone.

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