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How to Fix Bugs on iPhone iOS 14

In this post from Free Phone App, we are going to focus on the latest bugs that can cause problems for your iPhone with the iOS 14 update and then How to fix bugs on iPhone iOS 14; Stay tuned.

The phone’s Wi-Fi problem, battery drain, and automatic reset to factory settings are among the most common bugs and issues reported by users of iOS 14. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Apple to fix many of the initial bugs with the release of iOS 14.0.1.

These bugs are not new and have been around since the release of the beta version. Most of these bugs have been are being solved by Apple, a few problems however are more annoying and may cause serious damage to your phone. Some but not all of these problems can be solved with a simple update.

To update your iPhone to the latest version, go to:

Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install


Common iOS 14 Problems and How to Fix Them

The iOS 14 is a great update and worth the widgets. But some users keep facing bugs and errors such as low battery life and frequent Wi-Fi disconnections.


IOS 14 Update Is Not Working

This means that technically, your device does not have an iOS 14 operating system yet and this is the first major problem. If you have an upgradeable iPhone, you can get the latest update. Make sure your iPhone is 6S or newer models.

In addition, to download IOS 14, your device needs enough space for storage and enough charge. It is better to connect your iPhone to the charger to download and install the update. If you have already received and tested the beta version, delete it from the profile section (Settings > General > Profiles).

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iOS 14 widgets Are Not Added or Arranged

IOS 14 widgets are one of the best in this update, but adding widgets or arranging them can sometimes be difficult. This is definitely a bug in iOS 14.

When you download an app (in Jiggle Mode), it may not allow you to add the widget through the + icon in the top corner of the screen.

Hold your finger on the icon once to activate Jiggle Mode. Then remove your finger and cancel. Once again hold the icons and activate the Jiggle Mode. Now you will probably see the + icon and can add the widget.


IOS 14 Does Not Show YouTube in 4K or Picture in Picture

One of the most important features of IOS 14 is that when you exit a video, you can still have the file playing in the corner of your iPhone screen. You can use the picture-in-picture feature even while using Facetime. This way you can make a video call, check email, or browse Safari without stopping the video file.

Picture-in-picture works with YouTube, but if you don’t have a Red YouTube account, the problem with IOS 14 will become apparent, and this also applies to streaming 4K images. To solve the problem, you are going to have to subscribe to a Red YouTube account.


Delay in Writing Texts

This is one of the most annoying bugs on iPhone iOS 14 reported by some users. This bug makes the text appear on the screen of your phone only after you are doing writing a couple of words.

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This issue has been fixed since the days of the beta version of iOS 14 and you should be able to take care of it with an update. If you do not want to update yet, you can temporarily fix the problem by restarting your device.


Wi-Fi Disconnects

After the iOS 14 update, many users on social networks and forums complained about their phones’ Wi-Fi disconnection. Some people were also disconnected when they locked their phone or put it in sleep mode.

The IOS 14 update patch has solved the problem. Apple has provided the 14.0.1 update, to solve the problem of the iPhone disconnecting from Wi-Fi.


Summing Up

How to fix bugs on iPhone iOS 14? Most of the problems with iOS 14 have been fixed in Apple’s 14.0.1. Free Phone App strongly suggests updating your iPhone to this iOS version to get rid of the so many bugs that usually come with iOS 14.

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