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What Are the Best iPhone Games for Adults

There are thousands of fantastic games available for iPhone users on Apple’s App Store that cover almost every game genre one can think of. But most of the charts that let you know about these games are often aimed at children. While this is wonderful for kids, what about us adults? Contrary to what most people think, there are also many adults who would like to play games in their spare time. That is why we in the FreePhoneApp team have decided to answer a slightly different question here: What are the best iPhone games for adults?

So, if you are an adult that has tried other iPhone game charts to no avail, fear not, as we intend to come to the rescue with our unique list of the best iPhone games for adults.

Best iPhone Games for Adults 2022

Pocket City

Pocket City can really be viewed as a successor to Sim City 2000, so if you liked that game, chances are that you are going to be a big fan of this one as well. In Pocket City you get to design cities.  There are no annoying long building times and in-app purchases holding you back from enjoying the game. You are free to follow various quests and develop your small town into a metropolis, designing everything from the road network to huge tourist attractions at any pace you prefer.

It is not just building and developing the city that entertains you. Things are more complicated than that, as they usually are in the real world for adults. You are going to have to make decisions about taxes, make sure that you are not importing more than you are exporting, handle emergency situations and generally be a grownup.

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Infection Bio War

Infection Bio War is a strategy game for iPhone users. The plot though is not as you would normally expect it to be. You as a player are not actually trying to help stop the spread of a deadly disease because you are in fact the one who is controlling it. Things will kick off with a less deadly virus. You are going to have to damage as much of the population as possible to be able to mutate the virus to something deadlier.

Even after wiping out the world’s population (that is if you can manage to do so), the game will not be over as you will be faced with different scenarios in your next runs and you need to rely on your decision-making skills to somehow come out victorious each and every time.


If you are a fan of Text-based games, then Powerless is definitely one of the best iPhone games for adults that you can try. In this game, you will follow the lives of the characters during an extinction event. Depending on the persona of your choice, you are going to need to make decisions to stay alive. A wrong decision can be your last one in Powerless.

The plot is mostly dark. The fantastic use of sound effects immerses you in the game. One fun fact about Powerless is its multiple possible endings which will make you play again and again trying to save as many people as possible.

Bridge Constructor Portal

As the name shows, this game is about making bridges which is quite a popular subcategory of games. The problem with most of such games is that they are all more or less the same especially if you have been playing them for a while.

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Bridge Constructor Portal though has got features and elements that make it more interesting to play. Some of these elements include sentries, portals, bouncy surfaces, laser grids, and more. This game will not be popular with kids as it needs a great deal of patience, trial-and-error, and planning which are usually preferred by adults.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the best iPhone games for adults, those games that require a little bit more planning and decision-making while letting you follow the story at your own pace, seem to be doing better. What does your list of best iPhone games for adults look like? Share your ideas and experiences with the rest of us in the comment section below. Freephoneapp hopes you found this list of Best iPhone Games for Adults useful.

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