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What Is the Best Spoof App for iPhone

What is the best spoof app for iPhone? Sometimes it may be necessary to hide your identity, especially when you are making a phone call. In order to be able to do this, you need a spoofing app on your iPhone, i.e., an application that will fake your caller ID to pretend you are somebody else or to protect your privacy. While we have absolutely no intentions of promoting any unlawful activity, this might sometimes be a necessity due to security reasons. Therefore, you might find this FreePhoneApp‘s list of the best spoofing apps for iPhone helpful.

List of Best Spoof Apps for iPhone


textPlus can give you a free US phone number, free picture messaging and free texting. This spoofing app for iPhone can work over Wi-Fi or data connection.


  • Free US Phone number
  • Free texting to US or Canadian mobile numbers
  • Free inbound calls
  • Toll-free calling without restrictions
  • Cheap outbound calls



WeTalk Pro

Using WeTalk Pro as a spoofing app on your iPhone, will allow you to break all communication barriers in the world. You can take advantage of this very easy to use app to make super cheap calls to more than two hundred countries. WeTalk Pro also allows for free calling and texting between its users and there is also a quality phone call recorder available in the app.


  • Very simple virtual sim app UI & UX
  • cheaper than Skype
  • Noise-free phone call recorder
  • Payment history, call history, and chatting history
  • Get a second phone number


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Dingtone spoofing app for iPhone can generate a second phone number in order to hide the caller’s identification. You can use WiFi or data network to make free phone calls using this free spoofing app for your iPhone. This application also enjoys features such live video conversations and Walkie-Talkie.


  • International fake number calling
  • Conference calling
  • Amazing audio quality




FreedomPop is a wireless virtual network operator that offers free IP mobile services. This application takes advantage of AT&T and Sprint networks in the United States, the Yoigo network in Spain, the Telcel network in Mexico and the Three network in the United Kingdom.

Key features

  • Free spoof calling
  • Free texting
  • Super clear voice calls




SpoofCard is one of the best spoof apps for iPhone available. you can easily make a second phone number and call without giving away your identity. SpoofCard also has an in-built call recorder. You can also use it for sending calls to voicemail.

Key features

  • International Spoofing app
  • Call recorder
  • Voice changer



If you need the best spoof app for iPhone when it comes to online shopping or in any scenario that may need generating a second phone number. Using Burner you can keep your number hidden as you control the reachability through the application.

Key features

  • Spoof calling on iPhone
  • Multiple masked numbers
  • Easily text, MMS send and receive



Sidelne is one the best spoof apps for iPhone when it comes to prank calling using a second number. Sideline is quite user-friendly and easy to use. You can choose a variety of numbers in your area code. You can send texts and make or receive calls with this application too.

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Key features

  • Spoofing
  • Reading voicemail transcriptions as a text
  • Sideline calls



Summing Up

By using a spoof app on your iPhone, you can play jokes with your friendsBy hiding caller ID, you can protect spreading your personal information as well. Freephoneapp hopes you found this list of best spoof apps for iPhone handy whether you are using the apps for fun or trying to protect your privacy.

Remember that we do not condone the irresponsible use of spam calls or r unlawful activities. Use spoof apps with due concern in accordance with the local law.

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