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Why does it say iPhone cannot be restored?

Why does it say iPhone cannot be restored? You’re trying to restore your iPhone, but it’s not working. You’ve connected your iPhone to iTunes and started the restore process, but you’re stuck with an error message like This iPhone can’t be restored and you don’t know what to do. In this article on free phone app we explained why your iPhone won’t restore and exactly how to fix the problem with iTunes. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

Apple’s own support page on what to do when your iPhone won’t restore is very limited and frankly incomplete. They offer a few solutions, and they are valid, but there are several reasons why iPhone won’t restore with iTunes. In fact, this problem can be traced to software and hardware problems; But if you approach it the right way, it’s easy to solve. For this reason, in the rest of this article I have provided several solutions to fix an iPhone that won’t restore. These steps fix software and hardware issues in a logical order, so you can get your iPhone back up and running in no time.

Why does it say iPhone cannot be restored?


Update iTunes on your computer.

First of all, it’s important to make sure iTunes on your Mac or PC is up to date. It is easy to check. You can follow these three steps on Mac:

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Look to the left of the Apple toolbar at the top of your screen and click the iTunes button.
  • Click on Check For Updates from the menu. It will then update your iTunes or notify you that your version of iTunes has already been updated.
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Also, on the following Windows computer, do the following:

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • From the Windows menu, click the Help button.
  • Click on the Check for Updates menu. iTunes for Windows will then update itself or notify you that your version of iTunes is already up to date.

Restart your computer.

If your iTunes is already up to date, the next step to repair your iPhone is to restart your computer. On a Mac, just click the Apple button in the upper-left corner of the screen and click Restart from the bottom menu. On a PC, click Start Menu and click Restart.

When the iPhone is connected to the computer, hard reset it.

We don’t always recommend hard resetting your iPhone, but it may be a necessary step when your iPhone won’t restore. Make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer when performing a hard reset.

The iPhone hard reset process depends on the model you have:

iPhone 6s, SE and earlier: Press and hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time. Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen. iPhone 8 and newer: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then quickly press and release the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the side button.


In this article on the free phone app site, we have addressed one of the most common problems of iPhone owners and examined the solutions that exist. There are other methods, but in this article, we mentioned the best of them.

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