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Best Free Family Tracking App for iPhone and Android

A Family Tracker or Family Locator App makes it possible for you to know where your kids are at any given time. These apps can show you the exact location on a map. If you are looking for the best free family tracking apps for iPhone and Android then you have come to the right place as this is FreePhoneApp’s list of the best free family locator apps.


Best Free Family Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android


Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare is one of the best free family tracking apps available out there that comes with a simple and easy to follow interface. There is also a similar platform to the Foursquare social media site. As your family members sign in at different venues, they can leave a pin that shows where they are.
If you are more into the analytics side of things, Foursquare Swarm’s reporting system has the ability to provide you with some information as to which places your kids mostly frequent. You will have access to the details of the types of locations your family members choose to visit.

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With Glympse you get real-time information that will show precisely where your children are. To do this you need to open the app, press the button called “New Glympse” and send the family member you want to track an email or a text that contains a link. You will get their location GPS details on your phone after that family member clicks on the link you have sent them.

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What’s really cool about Glympse is that, unlike many other free family tracker apps, there will be no need to install an application on your family member’s device. All that is required of them to do would be to open the link that you sent them using a browser and this will provide you with real-time family tracking information.
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Using the Life360 family locator app, you can easily track where your family members are. You can also communicate with them using the app and have access to their location history. This remarkable app is one hundred percent free and ultra user-friendly.

What makes Life360 one of the best family tracking apps for iPhone and Android is this really neat feature: When your kids get into a car and start to move, the app will find their mobile automatically and place it onto the map. It won’t just tell you that they are moving but actually track them for you on the map as they move.

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Bottom Line

Remember that the family locater app that you eventually choose needs to come from a trustworthy and reputable developer as this will have a direct effect on your family members’ safety.

What is the best Free Family Tracking App for iPhone and Android? Well, these were our picks in FreePhoneApp. Once you know exactly what features matter most to you, browse through the list again and have your pick of the best of the best when it comes to family locator apps.

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