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Best App to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on iPhone

Are you an avid YouTube watcher? If so, there have definitely been times when you loved a video, but no matter what you did, you could not lay your hands on the MPS version of it. If this is you, This FreePhoneApp’s guide to the best app to convert YouTube video to mp3 on iPhone is definitely worth your while as we give you a list of the best when it comes to YouTube music convertor apps.


What is the Best app to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on iPhone?



This app can literally convert any video to MP3 on iPhone and saves the converted video on your device hassle-free. Additionally, MyMP3 offers the user the freedom to many other audio formats including wav, caf, m4a, etc.). You also get to import your audio files from a variety of sources such as iCloud, Wi-Fi, your device, etc.

That’s not all though, this amazing app also provides you with the possibility of customizing and editing your audio files to your taste and share the MP3 files via email, instant messaging, or social media.


  • There is an integrated quality music player
  • You can do an advance search to find the audios you want
  • You can edit the metadata
  • You can create/edit your playlists
  • You can Listen to your audios in the background


  • Some of the features only come with a subscription



Shortcuts is a basic utility app on iPhone that makes it possible for you to create shortcuts for specific actions. Some cool features and functions that the Shortcuts application will offer you as a user include:

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There are also AAF and M4A formats available and once the installation and setup is complete, you get to convert YouTube videos to mp3 on iPhone with a simple tap and download the converted audio file right away.


  • The conversion process is fast
  • You can batch convert videos to audio
  • There is a dedicated download manager


  • That one-time initial setup can sometimes be a little challenging


Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is actually not an app but a modified web browser that lets you download audio and video files from any other website. The fully integrated browser allows the user to swiftly browse for YouTube videos before the conversion process. Once this phase is over, you neatly get to download the final result in the form of an mp3 file.


  • You can easily share your files to iTunes offline library
  • There will be no ads
  • You can autos scan YouTube
  • Simple User Interface


  • There are no guides to help you on how to start



Filmora can be used as one of the best apps to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files on your iPhone. Using Filmora is completely hassle-free. Converting YouTube videos to Mp3 can simply be done by choosing your iPhone as the target device when you are exporting.


  • Understandable UI and ultra-easy to use for anyone
  • There are a number of overlays and filters available
  • Filmora boasts NewBlue FX, Filmstocks, and BorisFX effects
  • You can merge multiple videos
  • There are lots of editing options available
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  • That watermark that comes with the free version unless you pay is a bit off-putting, to say the least


Bottom Line

After browsing through this FreePhoneApp’s list when it comes to the best app to convert YouTube video to mps3 on iPhone, you can easily have your pick of the ultimate YouTube music convertor solution that best fits your conversion and download needs. As with everything else in life, the final call will always be yours.

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