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What Is the Best App to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

What is the best app to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? FreePhoneApp answers. There are many reasons for people to decide to switch from Android to iPhone. We are not going to focus on the reasons here but every time you move from one phone to the next, you are going to need to transfer your contacts.

There is no shortage of reliable apps that can help you get through the job with 100% success. This guide will try to make you familiar with some of these cool tools that are available out there today to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

Best Android to iPhone Contacts Transfer Apps


My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App

This is one of the best apps when it comes to creating backups of your contacts and moving them to an iPhone. With this app, you can rest assured that your contacts are kept safe in the cloud. Simply copy your contacts to this app and extract them on your iPhone device.

My Contacts allows for the wireless transfer of your contacts from Android to iPhone. The app is extremely user-friendly and anyone can easily work with it. You also get the added advantage of having your contacts saved safely in the cloud.


Move to iOS

If you are looking for Apple’s official app that can help users with moving from Android to iPhone, this is it. Like everything else with Apple, Move to iOS guarantees extra security and safety and will transfer the contacts once a secure private WIFI direct connection is set up.

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It’s not just your contacts that you can transfer to your new iPhone device with Move to iOS. You get to transfer a plethora of different data including bookmarks, messages, photos, etc.


InTouch – Contacts Transfer Backup Sync & Dialer

InTouch is a contact management application that you can use to describe your contacts and search them easily, and more. Since InTouch supports cross-platform syncing, you can also use it to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone with extra ease.

You can keep backups and keep your list of contacts organized and safe using this app. You can also sync your contacts with Outlook and seamless sharing between different devices is also a possibility.



SHAREit is arguably one of the best ways to transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone. This data transfer app is claimed to be two hundred times faster than Bluetooth. Safety is also a big concern for SHAREit as it establishes a secure WiFi direct connection to move your contacts.

SHAREit can be used to transfer photos, messages, videos, and other types and data as well. The interface is super easy and the sleek design is very attractive. SHAREit Vault can create and keep a backup of your most important data. Additionally, there is a cool group sharing feature you can use.


Summing Up

What is the best app to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? These were FreePhoneApp’s pick of the best in the game when it comes to moving contacts from Android to iPhone with zero data loss. Naturally, the best thing to do would be to go for the fastest and most secure option available to you.

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