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What Is the Best App to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

What is the best app to transfer photos from iPhone to PC? Despite their high quality and die-hard fans, iPhones come with a number of limitations. Fortunately, all these limitations can be solved one way or another. One such limitation in your iPhone is that you cannot directly transfer a file to a computer based on the Windows operating system, like Android phones. In order to overcome this problem, FreePhoneApp has come up with a list of the best apps to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.


Best Apps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC



Transferring images from iPhone to PC without cable can be considered using this app is super easy. AnyTrans allows you to move your files or backups from your iPhone without using a cable. Download and install AnyTrans and then run the application. In the window that appears, click on Connect to PC option.

Inside this window, there are various sections for file management, backup, music management, etc., which you can use based on your needs. By clicking on Albums or My Photos, select the number of photos or folders you want to transfer. Then, at the bottom of the page, select the path where you would like to store the information.  All your photos will be saved and accessible in the place you have chosen.



3uTool is one of the most practical applications that makes it almost unnecessary to have iTunes on your device. It is easy to work with and does not have the usual problems that come with iTunes.  First, you need to download the latest version of this ppl and connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable. When you open 3utools, you will see a window full of features and possibilities.

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On the home page, click on Photos from the sidebar to display your phone’s gallery, then select the images you need to transfer. In the next step, select the Export option in the middle section to transfer your images to your PC.


EaseUS MobiMover

As a professional iPhone data transfer tool, one of the best features of EaseUS MobiMover is transferring photos between your iPhone and your computer, be it a PC or Mac. Using this software, you can not only transfer files from your iPhone to your PC, but you can add content from your computer to your iPhone as well. To transfer your photos using EaseUS MobiMover you can choose to move your photos one by one or select a number of files and transfer them altogether.



Download and install Dropbox on your devices and sign in using the same account. To transfer photos from iPhone to your PC, you must first upload the files on your iOS device to Dropbox. If you’re transferring a file from a PC to an iPhone, upload the file from your PC to Dropbox. Finally, open Dropbox on your PC. You should be able to see the files you have just uploaded. Select these files and download them to your computer.


Summing Up

What is the best app to transfer photos from iPhone to PC? After exploring this list by FreePhoneApp you now have your answer to this question. Pick any of the apps introduced here and you will be good to go when it comes to moving your photos from your iPhone device to your computer.

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