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What Is the Best App for Podcasts on iPhone

What is the best app for podcasts on iPhone? Living in crowded cities has made us spend a lot of time on congested roads every day, and many hours of the day are thus easily wasted. If you like to use your time optimally, listening to podcasts can be one of the best choices available to you in such situations. But what are the best iOS podcast apps out there? FreePhoneApp answers.


Best Podcast Apps for iPhone

Podcasts are internet radios that are sometimes published in the form of audiobooks and sometimes as separate programs covering different topics. It doesn’t matter what topics you are interested in, there are podcasts on almost every topic from business to literature, and you can find and it is guaranteed that you are going to be able to listen to your favorite channel with a simple search.



Castbox is one of the most popular podcast apps for iPhone. This application has been designed to offer a great user experience with its practical and attractive features. It is safe to say that you can find all active podcasters in the world on Castbox and subscribe. The Castbox has a very simple user interface and contains more than a million active channels that you can listen to and follow.

Castbox offers content based on your taste, which is super cool and handy. Another practical feature is the possibility of online and offline use. For offline use, just download the episodes you like so that you can listen to them at the right time without the need for an Internet connection.

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SoundCloud is a podcast app for iPhone that many users have made a conscious choice to have on their phones. Most people use this app to stream songs, but SoundCloud is also a powerful and extensive resource for listening to all kinds of podcasts. Of course, you have the possibility to use the web version of this application too, but installing the app makes everything so much easier. This way you can enjoy the great user experience that comes with the app as well. With SoundCloud, accessing channels and podcasts and listening to them online on your iPhone is a breeze. SoundCloud is considered to be one of the best music and podcast players in the world.


Google Podcasts

Google has always tried to provide quality services to its users. Google Podcasts is a podcast app for iPhone that suggests related channels and programs based on your taste. You can listen to all kinds of podcasts from around the world for free.

With the settings provided by this professional player, you can have the best experience listening to your podcasts. With Google Podcasts, you can increase or decrease the playback speed of the episode and search for channels with the help of a voice assistant.



Podbean Podcast App & Player is a podcast app for iPhone where you have access to thousands of channels and programs. You can customize the Podbean player for an even better experience listening to your favorite episodes. If you are also a content producer, you will have the possibility to share your recorded episodes with others and attract your audience on this platform.

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Summing Up

What is the best app for podcasts on iPhone? FreePhoneApp hopes that by downloading and using the apps listed above on your iPhone, you get to spend some quality time learning something by listening to podcasts and finding access to tons of content that will interest you.

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