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Why does my iPhone keep asking for billing verification?

Why does my iPhone keep asking for billing verification? You are downloading and exploring a new app. However, a confirmation is required message appears. This may confuse or anger you; but do not worry. Check out how to get rid of pop-ups requiring confirmation while downloading free apps. In this article on free phone app, we want to examine this issue. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

Why does it say verification is required in the App Store?

If you’re having this problem, you’re probably wondering why My App Store keeps saying verification is required. Here are some reasons why the App Store still needs verification:

  • Your Apple ID credit card has expired.
  • Your Apple ID payment method is incorrect; If you have an unsuccessful or wrong payment method connected to your Apple ID, it can also lead to this problem.
  • unpaid balance; If your account balance has not been paid, you may receive a “Confirmation Required” notification in the App Store. These are the most important reasons that can be a problem for you.

Why does my iPhone keep asking for billing verification?

You’re seeing a “Verification Required” window due to an error with the payment method currently connected to your Apple ID. You receive this message when a payment method fails, or if a particular device has never purchased a paid app, or downloaded a free app, or if there is a pending unpaid balance on the account. As you can see, the main cause of the “Confirmation Required” message on your iPhone or iPad is a faulty credit card. So, if you just update the details, switch to a valid payment card, or delete the current card, or choose none as the payment method, everything will be fine.

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How to fix confirmation request message on iPhone?

To get rid of this problem, you need to change the Apple ID payment method. You can go for a valid payment method or don’t associate any payment details with your Apple ID and App Store. Next, we will talk about how to implement it step by step:

  • Run Settings and tap on your name at the top.
  • Tap iTunes & App Store / Apple ID / View Apple ID.
  • For iOS 15: Tap Media & Purchases / View Account.

Tap Manage Payments. Note that here you will see the payment method you added. Now, if there are any issues with this added payment method like wrong name, security code, or incomplete expiry date or billing address, tap on it and update the details on the next page. If not, see the next step. Tap Edit from the top right → Tap the red icon. Tap Remove, then tap Remove from the pop-up window.

So that’s how you can solve the “Confirmation Required” popup on your iOS device. Here are some recommendations for you. Every time, when you download free apps, you get an annoying pop-up asking you to enter your Apple ID password; Here you need to follow the steps to buy a subscription from that app so that if you intend to make a purchase and show the app that you have followed the section of buying a subscription to the app.


In this article on the free phone app site, we have answered one of the most common problems of users and the best ways you can solve your problem. There are other methods that you can use, but in this article we mentioned the best of them.

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