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What Stock Market App Comes with iPhone

What market app comes with iPhone? Apple’s Stocks app can give you the latest information and updates on the stock market. With this stock market app that comes with iPhone, you are free to add multiple stocks to your watchlist, stay updated with the news, and receive notifications. Using this built-in iPhone app can in fact sometimes give you a better understanding of the status of your stocks than you could probably get with many trading platforms and brokers. This is FreePhoneApp‘s guide to the stock market app that comes with your iPhone.

Key Features

Stocks app – an amazingly useful stock market app that comes with iPhone – has the ability to serve all your stock market and investment needs.

You can watch the prices in real-time and follow news articles from multiple sources. There is a standard lineup of stocks that can be checked at a glance. You can also add any other stock you are interested in following and check its history and information.


  • You can get a picture of details including EPS, trading volume, etc.
  • Tapping a ticker in your watchlists lets you see price charts for the month, week or day.
  • Touching the chart will let you see the price at a specific point in date or time. Touching with two fingers will provide you with the price change trend.


  • Your watchlists are customizable
  • You can swiftly monitor your stock performance by color-coded presentations.
  • You can create several watchlists based on different segmentations and categories.
  • You can monitor market capitalization, price change, price quotes, percentage changes, etc.
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  • Browse stories in a format that looks fantastic on iPhone
  • Follow the stories about the stocks and companies selected through machine learning
  • Have access to the latest select stories by Apple News editors

Managing Stocks

As mentioned earlier, this stock market app that comes with iPhone is easily customizable and is ready to serve your specific interests. Adding and deleting stocks or changing their orders has never been easier.

To manage your stocks, simply tap Edit in the top right corner of the screen.

Adding Stocks

  • Click Edit in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap the button in the bottom right corner
  • Locate the stock you want to add
  • Tap Add to Watchlist or Add

Removing Stocks

  • Click Edit in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap the  button to the left of the stock you would like to remove.
  • Tap Remove

Rearranging Stocks

To change the order of the stocks as they appear on your screen:

  • Tap Edit
  • Press and hold the three dashes to the right of the stock you would like to move
  • Drag the chosen stock to the position you would like it to appear


Can You Buy Shares on Stocks App?

You will not be able to purchase stocks directly using the Apple Stocks app. This stock market app that comes with iPhone is primarily intended to provide the owner with information on the latest prices, trends, and news in the stock market.


Pros and Cons of iPhone’s Stocks App


the built-in market stocks app that comes with iPhone is quite easy to use. You can monitor relevant data and stay updated on the news about your favorite stocks from within the app which makes the whole experience much more convenient and accessible.

  • Comes built into your iPhone so you do not need to look for and install the application
  • You can use the reporting features of the app to track the state of your stocks
  • Using the Stocks app is very easy
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Although there is a stock market app that comes with iPhone, it may not be everyone’s first choice to use, and here is why:

  • There are other apps that provide the user with more detailed information about each stock, such as technical analysis and details about competitors
  • The iPhone’s built-in stocks app does not provide you with the opportunity to purchase stocks directly from the application
  • The app does not offer the feature that lets you create multiple hypothetical scenarios and compare various investment opportunities, as some other apps do.

Final Word

What market app comes with iPhone? The Stocks application is a handy way to follow how the stock market is doing, track the changes over time and decide when will be a good opportunity to make a move. But remember that in order to buy stocks you still have to use a trading platform. Freephoneapp team hopes you found this guide useful.

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