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What app can I use to remove the backgrounds from pictures?

What app can I use to remove the background from pictures? If you ever wanted to remove a background from your image, but you were worried that it would take you hours, we have good apps for you. In this article on free phone app, we want to talk about these apps:

You can easily download this application from the Google play.

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  • Background Eraser
  • Object Removal Lite
  • Focos
  • LightX Photo Editor & Retouch

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App Name Rate on App Store # of Installs
Background Eraser ★★★★☆ 100M+
Object Removal Lite ★★★★☆ 500K+
Focos ★★☆☆☆ 100K+
LightX Photo Editor & Retouch ★★★★★ 10M+

What app can I use to remove the backgrounds from pictures?

Background Eraser

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a photo’s background is to remove it. This is where the Background Eraser app comes in. This free app allows you to easily remove the background of a photo and save a transparent version of the photo as a PNG or JPEG. After deleting the photo, you can use it as a stamp in other apps like Snapchat or you can use it in other virtual spaces. You can also use it in other apps listed in the app itself and add it on top of another background. This program also has advanced cleaning tools as well as recovery options etc. You can easily download this program from the App Store.

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What app can I use to remove the backgrounds from pictures?

Background Eraser at a glance:

# of Installs 100M+
User Rate: ★★★★☆
Devices: Androind
Free version: Yes
Contain Ads: Yes
Pro version: 100%Free

Background Eraser main features

  • magic mood: Change the background mode with just one click in the magic section.
  • color change: Change your background color with one click.
  • Automatic focus:Focus on your favorite subject.

Background Eraser Strength and Weaknesses

✅ Background Eraser Strengths:

  1. easy access
  2. magic mood
  3. Support all photo formats

❌Background Eraser  Weaknesses:

  1. Limited items
  2. Not having a pro version

What app can I use to remove the backgrounds from pictures?

Download Background Eraser

You can download Background Eraser from this button:

download Background Eraser

Object Removal Lite

Sometimes the only way to make a photo stand out is to separate it from the background. Object Removal Lite is one of the leading photo retouching programs that works great for removing objects. Using artificial intelligence and image processing technology, you can remove people, buildings, phones and even extra parts from any photo you choose. This app also includes filters, editing and other tools. Object Removal Lite is free to download on the App Store, but special memberships are available and include more functionality and ad removal.

What app can I use to remove the backgrounds from pictures?

Object Removal Lite at a glance:

# of Installs 500K+
User Rate: ★★★★☆
Devices: Androind
Free version: Yes
Contain Ads: Yes
Pro version: 79$ / month

Object Removal Lite main features

  • Tattoo removal:Use emoji remove, blemish remover.
  • Magic eraser: Magic eraser to delete telephone wires .
  • Delete human-made: Delete human-made objects like stop lights.

Pro version features:

  • professional editing tools : Easy to use professional editing tools with simple interface.
  • Save photo: Save photo with 4K/HD quality.
  • Red eye: Red eye correct for retouching.
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Object Removal Lite Strength and Weaknesses

✅ Object Removal Lite Strengths:

  1. easy photo retouch
  2. Remove watermark
  3. Erase pimples
  4. Erase unwanted sticker

❌ Object Removal Lite Weaknesses:

  1. Bugs when selecting photos that will be fixed in the update.

What app can I use to remove the backgrounds from pictures?

Download Object Removal Lite

You can download Object Removal Lite from this button:

download Object Removal Lite


While iPhone cameras have come a long way since the first iPhone model, they are still not as sophisticated as DSLR cameras. However, apps like Focos make it easier for iPhone photographers to edit their photos into more professional photos, often created by a blurred background effect. With nearly five stars and thousands of reviews, this app makes it possible to focus on a subject long after the photo is taken. You can adjust the depth of field and blur out unsightly backgrounds so your photos are always ready. Focos is in the App Store and offers some in-app purchases such as additional features and built-in tutorials.

LightX Photo Editor & Retouch

If you want to erase the background in the best possible way, LightX Photo Editor & Retouch has you covered. This integrated editing app offers tools like cropping, blurring, and even changing the background. After you crop your subject and place it on a new background, you can add more beauty to your photo with its professional editing features like color effects, stickers, frames, doodles and photo filters. You can download the LightX Photo Editor & Retouch program from the App Store and note that it comes with additional in-app purchases.

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In this article, we answered one of the most important needs of users on free phone app and introduced apps that can help you a lot; There are other apps that you can use, but in this article, we mentioned the best of them.

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