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Top 4 free Karaoke Singing apps for iphone

Singing a piece of music is always fun as well as a great breathing exercise. However, singing without accompaniment can be boring. You need a proper back up track to keep you aligned and refreshed. Going to a karaoke bar is one option, and going to media like YouTube to search for karaoke songs is another. But, if you need something fast and on the go, your best bet is to download a free karaoke app.

In this article on Free Phone App site, we decided to share the best of them with you by reviewing more than 100 apps in this field. Whether you want to do it professionally or just for fun, here are the best apps you can use to sing songs.

App Name Rate on App Store Number of Installs
iSing **** 1500
Yokee Music ***** 82K
KaraFun ***** 7.5K
MyVoice **** 3.5K

Next, we will introduce each app; So, stay with us until the end of this article.


iSing Sing Record Karaoke 1 1 11zon 1

If you want to use an exciting karaoke app, iSing is the best choice for you. This app lets you sing songs, record yourself singing them, and then share those recordings with other people. In addition, iSing has a very wide collection of songs, although not all of them are free, but some songs are also cut off if you are not a paid member. However, there are thousands of songs that you can access for free. The app maker also uploads new songs every week.

In addition, iSing allows you to create your own profile. Think of it like a social profile made up solely of your performances. Other iSing users can then access your profile and listen to your recordings. Now you can do the same with other users in the app.

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iSing Sing Record Karaoke2 2 11zon


Support for many songs.

Create a personal profile.

The possibility of commenting on each person’s profile.


If you want access all sections and full features, you must have paid the subscription fee.


Yokee Music


Yokee Music app is a great structure in your list of choices. It has a user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate. With this karaoke app, you can sing your favorite songs, record your vocals and even share your performances online via social media. This karaoke app is done by Yokee; Apart from letting you sing popular karaoke songs; it also lets you change the sound with the help of effects. You can auto tune your voice, add some echo and even some creativity.

All this will help you sound like a professional singer. In addition, the thing that makes this program different is that if your friends have this program, you can sing songs with them and even plan your virtual karaoke nights easily. In addition to all these features, Karaoke by Yokee Music is free, which means you don’t have to spend money to have fun. You can download this online karaoke app on the App Store.


Having a very friendly environment

Ability to support a large number of music

Ability to share music on other social networks

free download; This means that you can access its various parts without paying.



KaraFun Karaoke Singing 1 3 11zon

KaraFun is one of the most complete apps that you can download to access more than 35,000 songs. This program helps you to find the music you want with whatever taste you have, and by using it and reading along with it, you can trust your voice and increase your self-confidence. With this program, you can also make changes in the music you want and get as close to your music taste as you can. To access the world of music supported by this app, you can download it through your app store and then register.

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KaraFun works with any AirPlay-compatible device, although you can connect it directly to your TV or projector to create a powerful device. The interesting thing is that if you are not connected to the Internet, you can sync the songs offline and use the offline mode to continue karaoke. The use and installation of this program is free, but to access all its features, you need to pay $10 per month for your account.

KaraFun Karaoke Singing 2 4 11zon


Access to more than 35000 music in one app.

The possibility of making changes in the music.

Compatibility with any AirPlay.


Initial access to this program is free, but to use all its features, you need to top up your account with $10.



MyVoice Karaoke App 1 5 11zon 1

This karaoke app has fantastic elements and features that you want; but it also has the added benefit of letting you play original songs. If you have songs on your media that you’d like to sing, you can also upload them to MyVoice and sing along. Some of the features you can expect from MyVoice are the ability to sing karaoke versions of popular songs and the ability to record your vocals in the app.

After you finish singing and recording, you can also upload your performance on social media. By doing this, you can share the experience with your friends and family or even your fans. You can easily download this program through your app store.

MyVoice Karaoke App 2 6 11zon 1


Ability to add your favorite music to the app list.

Ability to sing karaoke versions of popular works.

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The possibility of uploading your performance in the media you have.


Perhaps the only weakness of this app is the possibility of using it only in the iOS version.



In this article on the Free Phone App site, we have answered one of the most popular questions of users and introduced the best free apps through which you can pay more attention to your music interest.

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