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How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location on iPhone?

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When you update your iPhone to the latest iOS, apps, even pre-installed ones, need your consent to access advertisers’ IDs. In this article on Free phone app , we want to show you how to stop apps from tracking iPhone in iOS 14 and newer versions. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location on iPhone?

Privacy is one of the most important rights of every human being. Before, companies had a kind of free hand. Now, if they ask for device ID, email, and other useful information like that for advertising, iOS 15 just says: get the user’s permission, and then you can access this private information.

Targeted advertising is not a crime. Sometimes, I see ads for great restaurants on social media just to find out what is the best restaurant in another city? So, this ad is pretty much useless to me; I don’t click on it. But, when I see ads for restaurants in my town, I often click to learn more about them.

How to stop apps from tracking your location on iPhone?
Privacy is one of the most important rights of every human being.

Cell Network Search collects data related to mobile towers in the antenna range of your Apple device and monitors these received data to determine the pattern of communication capacity, density of towers, etc. in your area. This action is of little importance to you, so you are free to disable it.

Compass calibration The electronic compass shows the direction in front of you when using maps and navigation applications. The compass service works much more accurately by using the data of 707,431 locations. So never disable this option.

Find my iPhone If you lose your Apple device, the iCloud app will help you find it with this feature. You never know when you might need it.
However, you should keep in mind that anyone can use the iCloud website and find your iPhone using the Find My feature, Wip, or Apple device lock (provided they know your passcode, of course). . To avoid this, use a strong and reliable password for your Apple ID and iCloud and enable the two-step authentication system.

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How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location on iPhone?
How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location on iPhone?

HomeKit is an option that only applies to people who use smart home devices with Apple’s HomeKit technology.

Location-based alerts, this feature tracks you when you enter or exit a certain area and sends you notifications about it, for example, “When you’re near a grocery store.” you are eating, it will call your wife” or “when you go to a meeting, the phone will automatically go to the meeting mode”, if this feature is not particularly important to you and you do not use it You can disable it.

Location-Based iAds This feature tracks your location for advertising purposes. Software developers can use this information to target their advertising when people use these particular apps. If you don’t want to be the target of advertising, you can limit tracking by using this option to track your location.

Motion calibration & distance is a feature that is mainly tracked by health and fitness apps. If you do not have such applications, you can disable this option.
Safari & Spotlight suggestions When you do a search in these apps, your location information from Safari and Spotlight is sent to Apple. This information is used to provide accurate information about your geographic location. If you rarely use Spotlight, you can disable this feature.

Setting time zone This option automatically sets the time and date, this feature is very useful for people who are constantly traveling. If you rarely leave your current location and rarely travel, you can manually set the date and time and disable this feature.

Share my location If you do not share your location with your friends and family using specific Apple applications, disable this feature. Note that disabling this option will not disable all location-tracking apps, and you will still be able to share your location in Hangouts and other apps.

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Wi-Fi networking This feature works exactly like cellular network search. It sends information to Apple through Wi-Fi networks located within the range of your Apple device. On the one hand, this feature helps Apple track your location much more accurately, and on the other hand, it is possible to continue tracking even when your GPS is turned off.

Frequent locations This feature records the locations in which you often travel and informs you of the traffic and crowded places that you may encounter. This data is stored locally. If you use traffic updates and other information related to your commute, leave this feature on. And if it doesn’t work for you, disable it.

Diagnostics and usage Apple collects anonymous information about you and how you use your device. If you do not want your device to participate in such requests, you can easily disable this option without any consequences.

How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location on iPhone?
How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location on iPhone?

Popular Near Me detects your iOS device without knowing your location where you are shopping or using your Apple device. This company offers its programs and popular services in your area using your information. If you value your privacy then turn this feature off.

Status Bar Icon This option, which is hidden at the bottom of the settings, is of special importance. In the cases mentioned above, this service displays the location with icons in the status bar. With this feature turned on, you will be reminded to check your settings and you can see unexpected activity from tracking your location.

How Is Blocking Ad Tracking Problematic for Ad Companies?

Ads work best when they are relevant to the person. And to ensure that only relevant ads are served to the user, the ad network needs to have a lot of data and build a profile around you. This may include age, device, location, preferences, spending habits and more. If you ask apps not to track you, they won’t be able to access this relevant information and thus fail to serve you ads that may be of interest to you. This results in fewer clicks, less engagement, and limited revenue for ad networks. Next, we want to check how to prevent apps from tracking location on iPhone?

  1. Open Settings and tap on Privacy.
  2. Tap on Tracking.
  3. Turn off the Allow Apps to Request to Track section.
  4. If you have allowed an app to track you, it will appear in step 3 above.
  5. You can turn off tracking at any time by following the steps above and turning off the app-specific switch in step 3. Likewise, you can also allow tracking.
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When you install and launch a new app, or when an existing app tries to track you, a pop-up window will pop up asking: Do you allow this app to track your activity on other companies’ apps and websites? This ID will be used to provide you with personalized advertising. If you want to allow an app and its partners to track you, tap Allow when prompted; But if you want to block app tracking, tap on App Not to Track.


In this article on the site Free phone app we have reviewed how to create or terminate access to your mobile phone. We have explained step by step how you can use it. In addition, we talked about your privacy and the things you should pay attention.

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