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How to Use Audible on Your iPhone?

Using Audible on iPhone

How to use audible on your iPhone? Audiobooks are a great way to press in more reading time, and thanks to modern technology, all you need is your iPhone. There are many apps and services that allow you to download audiobooks directly to your iOS devices. In this article on Free Phone App, we want to talk about this in more detail. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

How to Use Audible on Your iPhone?

Would you try Audible? Have you ever been gifted? This is a great monthly audiobook subscription service that is available right now and is a great place to start growing your collection. Both require you to sign in and select your books in a web browser before you can download books to your phone, so do that first. Next, search for apps in the iTunes Store, download them, and sign in with your account information, just like any other app. Now you can get those audio books on your iPhone.

How to Use Audible on Your iPhone
How to Use Audible on Your iPhone

Once you’re signed in to your Audible account, it will take you directly to the My Library section at the bottom, where all of your purchased books are. Books that have not been downloaded have an arrow in the lower right corner of the cover. Simply tap it once, and your audiobook will start downloading and be ready to play in seconds. Tap the device bar at the top of your library to easily find all the books you’ve downloaded to your phone.

Audible’s playback interface is simple to use with a large play/pause button, 30-second forward/backward arrows, listening speed option, shortcut, and sleep timer with customizable and preset options. Click the three dots in the upper right corner to access your bookmarks/clips, see more player options, and find information about the specific book you’re listening to. You can also quickly apply the changes you want by swiping on the progress bar at the top of the player.

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Learn How to Use Audible on iPhone

You can listen to Audible using a browser on Mac. Although the web version lacks a few features, such as no offline support, it’s the easiest way to access Audible on a Mac. Sections, speed, bookmarks, and 30-second quick jumps ensure you get the best possible experience. In the following, we explained about its access.

  • Open any browser you want and log in to your Audible account.
  • Click on Library at the top.
  • Click Listen now next to the audiobook.
  • The Audible cloud player opens in a browser window.

Another official solution recommended by both Amazon and Apple is to enjoy Audible on your Mac using the built-in Books app on macOS and later or iTunes on macOS Mojave and earlier. In the following, we will tell you how you can do this.

  • Log in to your Audible account using a browser and go to the library page.
  • Click Download next to the audiobook. This book is in aax format. will be downloaded.
  • After the download is complete, click the file to automatically launch the Mac’s Books application.
  • Since this is the first time, you’re using Audible in the Books app, you’ll need to authorize this computer. To do this, click on Yes. Enter your Audible login details and sign in.
  • Click Activate in iTunes. The Books app will automatically open and the audiobook will start playing.

How to Download Audio Books from Audible on Android

  • Open Audible. Tap the Audible app. Log in to your Amazon account. If you’re not signed in to your Audible account, click Sign In, then enter your email address and password.
  • Tap on the “Search” icon. This icon is located in the right corner of the screen. A search bar will open.
  • Search for a book. Tap the search bar, type the name of the audiobook, and press Enter or Search on your keyboard.
  • Choose a book. Search in the list of books and select your desired book and tap on it.
  • Scroll down and tap Buy Now. This option is at the bottom of the page.
  • If you are a member of Audible and have received free credit, you can download the audiobook for free.
  • Tap Confirm Purchase. This orange button is located in the middle of the screen. With this, you confirm the purchase of the book, and the audio book will be added to the library section of Audible. If you haven’t saved your payment information on Amazon, you will need to enter it at this point. You also need to enter your password.
  • Download your audio book from the cloud. On the Audible home page, tap the ☰ icon from the left. Then tap on Library and Download. Now the audiobook will be downloaded on your Android device.
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You can listen to the audio book when you do not have access to the Internet.


In this article on the Free Phone App website, we answered the question of how to use audible on your iPhone. We also explained the methods through which you can access this app and use it easily.

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