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How to make MacBook dark mode?

If you enable dark mode on your MacBook, it’s much easier to use your Mac at night. Of course, some people are more interested in dark colours. How to make MacBook dark mode? In the rest of this article on free phone app, we will be with you and answer our questions.

What is the dark mode?

The dark mode is a feature that allows Mac users to make everything in the interface darker. By turning on dark mode, the Calendar app will change to a black background, the Messages boxes will be displayed with a grey background and white text, and the Finder background will be black.

How to make MacBook dark mode?
How to make MacBook dark mode?

Implementing dark mode in Pages

You might have thought that if you turned on dark mode, Pages documents would have a dark background with white text instead of black text on a white page. Unfortunately, this is not the case because Pages is designed to show what you will see on the page if you print or PDF it.

This makes sense, but if you never plan to print the page, you may prefer a more comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes look. You can create a template with a dark background image when you want Pages to look dark. However, Notes is easier to use because it takes on a dark background in dark mode.

How to choose a dark wallpaper in Catalina

Apple also offers a Dynamic Desktop feature that is fully compatible with Auto mode. With this setting, the background of your screen will change throughout the day, so as the sun fades, your background will also get darker. To set this option, go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver, select the Desktop tab at the top and select a wallpaper from the Dynamic Desktop section.

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 You can see a drop-down menu on the right side of the image at the top of the window. This allows you to choose between three different modes. Background images can always be Light or Dark.

How to make MacBook dark mode? (Safari)

Once the dark mode is enabled, Safari’s user interface will use the new dark mode, but standard web pages will not be displayed darker when using Safari. Instead, they will remain white. However, Safari has a way to view web pages in dark mode.

Turn on Reader mode by clicking on the lines to the left of the URL. Note that you won’t see this option on every web page. When you’re in Reader mode, you’ll see a dark web page with no ads or other distractions. (Also, if you use the Chrome browser, you can have a dark mode.)

How to make MacBook dark mode?
How to make MacBook dark mode?

Use dark auto mode instead:

You may have seen a third option called Auto in the dark mode settings. It’s a clever idea that automatically switches from bright to dark throughout the day, so you have a brighter screen when there’s a lot of sunlight and a darker screen when night falls, so your eyes don’t get hurt.

Last word

How to make MacBook dark mode? By activating this theme, the central system applications will be dark. But there is no ability to activate this theme on a scheduled basis. We tried to be with you in this article on free phone app and answer your questions. We hope you enjoyed it.

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