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How to Check Archived Chats on WhatsApp iPhone

Whether you need to back and revisit your previous chats on WhatsApp to find a piece of information or simple reread your conversation to enjoy it a second time, This FreePhoneApp guide can help you learn how to check archived chats on WhatsApp iPhone. You will also learn how to make the archived chats in the first place.

How to View Archived Chats on WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap Chats
  • Swipe your finger down (towards the middle of the screen
  • Archived Chats will open


How to Make Archived Chats on WhatsApp on iPhone

If you have too many chats and too much data in your conversations on your iPhone, then the Archive Chats on WhatsApp will be a great asset to you in finding and retrieving the information you may need some time later in your chats. It can also be a good way to free up some space on your iPhone. Let us see how you can archive your chats in your conversation of WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap Chats
  • Pick the chat you would like to archive
  • Tap Archive


Backup WhatsApp Chats with a Third-Party App

If you find it hard to archive your WhatsApp chat conversation, there are also simpler ways to do it. The easiest way would be to use a third-party app to create your WhatsApp conversation archives on your iPhone. Probably the most popular third-party app in the market that does this is iTrnasor for WhatsApp.

Using this app, you can transfer WhatsApp data, and do backup, and recovery hassle-free. The app is super easy to use as well.

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How to Unarchive WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

In order to unarchive WhatsApp chats on your iPhone, there are two possible ways for you to take. One way to do would be to:

  • Swipe down on the chats screen
  • Locate Archived Chats
  • Swipe to the left
  • Tap Unarchive

The second method to unarchive WhatsApp chats on your iPhone would be to:

  • Go to chats screen
  • go to the Search bar
  • Enter the specific contact’s name
  • The archived chats form this contact will be displayed (They need to have been archived in the first place)
  • Tap on the contact
  • slide left to Unarchive


Final Word

Having a WhatsApp chat archive will help you save some space on your iPhone and have access to you chat data and information later on if need be. In this guide by FreePhoneApp we learned how to check archived chats on WhatsApp iPhone in addition to talking about the two possible ways through which you can create an archive of your WhatsApp conversations in the first place. We also learned how to unarchive the chats.

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