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What Is the Best Video Downloader for Android

What is the best video downloader for Android? Are you looking to download videos from video sites for free? The apps presented in this list from the Free Phone App team will help you save videos, music, and movies from any website directly to your device.

People sometimes prefer to download movies or maybe their internet connection is too slow to stream online. Watching movies that are always in buffering mode can be very annoying. There are times when we want to have some video content directly on our devices and keep it forever.

What Is the Best Video Downloader for Android?

Here we share the best free video downloaders for Android. These apps will make your downloading tasks easier than ever. There are many video downloader apps for Android available out there. The best ones are listed below.



VidMate is undoubtedly one of the best video downloaders for Android. It is not limited to just that, this app lists the latest sources, TV shows, and movies with their download sources as well.

The app has a built-in web browser for browsing websites and videos. This app supports all famous popular sites including Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Although the app offers fast downloads, it allows the user to adjust the rate accordingly. This feature is useful when you plan to share videos on the Internet.


The next free video downloader alternative is Videoder, which supports top video streaming websites including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

With support for HD, and Ultra HD, Videoder also has a way of benefiting from fast downloads. This app is equipped with features such as a built-in video player, themes, day/night mode, and other customizable options. This application has the ability to convert YouTube videos to mp3 and allows downloading in different formats.

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SnapTube is a popular application for streaming and downloading videos from YouTube and other popular platforms. Its dashboard is very stylish and organized with all popular websites, videos, and popular categories.

To avoid the whole process of copying the video URL and pasting it into the app, SnapTube comes with its own native browser that instantly recognizes the streaming video and displays downloadable links in supported resolution. You can also share your collection right through the operating system.

AVD Download Video

AVD (Android Video Downloader) is another popular app that lets you download your favorite movies and studios effortlessly.

Although the user interface is good, it allows the user to browse the internet easily and the download process is as simple as double tapping on the screen. Go to browser > Click on your desired video link > From Action menu > Select AVD option > Your video will be downloaded instantly. All video files will automatically be saved to your gallery.

Summing Up

What is the best video downloader for Android? Using the above-mentioned apps will help you download any type of video content from the internet. We hope this list of video downloader apps was useful to you These video downloader apps are very light on system resources and are easy to install.

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