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Best Free Handwriting Note-Taking App for Android

What is the best free handwriting note-taking app for Android? This is the frequently asked question that we are going to answer to in this post from Free Phone App. Stay tuned to the end of the article if this is something that interests you.

Best Free Handwriting Note-Taking App for Android

If you are a professional writer or are in the habit of writing down everything that happens in your life every day, or maybe a student then you need to have access to apps that keep your information storage speed and capabilities unlimited. The following are the best free handwriting note-taking apps for Android available out there.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote app is now an important part of productivity enhancement programs around the world. This app is one of the most popular and powerful handwriting note-taking apps that you can find in the market. OneNote can do many things, for example, if you want to extract information from emails or embed tables in Excel, OneNote will make it happen.

This is a multi-platform app that has built-in cloud connectivity. This means that if you have written some notes on your laptop, you can access all your notes on your Android mobile phone as well.

One Note Android app is very easy to use. This app lets you type, scribble, draw, or even cut things you find on the web. You can easily scan handwritten notes, store them and make them searchable through OneNote.

OneNote makes it easy to collaborate. That is, by using this app, you can share your notes with any other user. Users can also leave their comments and questions in your notes. However, the best thing about OneNote is that you can download and use it absolutely free. The fact that One Note is free is noteworthy, while the app offers a large number of extremely cool and important features. This app is undoubtedly one of the best free handwriting note-taking apps for Android.

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Evernote is a reliable and powerful productivity app. Evernote allows you to import typed and handwritten notes into the app. You can also create a to-do list using Evernote. This app even gives you the ability to scan documents with your camera and collaborate with others on content creation.

The great thing about Evernote is that it supports a variety of media. For example, you can create notes as text or as sketches, photos, audio, video, PDF files, or snippets from web pages. Just like Microsoft’s OneNote, this app supports cloud connections. This means you can sync your content across all devices, from computers to tablets to laptops and phones. In other words, if you start a task or task on one device, you can complete it on another device.

With Evernote, you can create, share, and discuss different types of content with your colleagues. Downloading and using this app is currently free. But its special edition offers a wide range of important features for a fee.

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Google Keep

Google offers a note-taking app with many features and functions named aptly Google Keep. This app allows you to create as many notes and lists as you like. You don’t need to limit yourself to just text. This application can add images and sound to your notes as well.

Handwriting note-taking is also supported. If you have very little time and need to write down your notes somewhere quickly and save them, Google Keep can be a very good choice. You can scan handwritten notes, receipts, invoices, and other documents through your phone’s camera.

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Summing Up

What is the best free handwriting note-taking app for Android? This was our pick of the best of the best when it comes to handwriting note-taking apps for Android. Hope you found this post helpful.

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