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What Is the Best APK Installer for Android

What is the best APK installer for Android? This is the frequently asked question that we will be answering in this post from the Free Phone App team. Stay tuned to the end of the article is this is something that interests you.

If you have an Android phone, you must have heard the words “APK file”. Maybe you have asked yourself what it means? Of course, knowing what these files are  is very important, especially when you want to download them from somewhere other than Google Play Store and customize your cell phone. In this post we will get to know the best AOK installer apps for Android.

What Is the Best APK Installer for Android?

APK stands for the three words Android Package Kit, which is a file format that can be used and installed on Android phones. Like exe files in the Windows operating system, APK files must be installed on Android as well. But what is the best APK installer for Android?

App Manager

App Manager
App Manager

App manager is without a doubt one of the best APK installer and manager apps for Android devices. This tool outmatches most of its rivals and presents itself as a super favorable choice.

Not only does will allow you to locate and install APK files from your device storage, but it also enables you to extract and share APKs. The user interface is great which makes App Manager really easy to use.

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APK Analyzer
APK Analyzer

APK Analyzer is actually much more than your average Android APK installer application. Not only will it provide you with all the features you would expect of a normal APK installer tool, but it also comes equipped with extra cool features that can be delightful to you if you are the kind of user who prefers more control over their Android phone.

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Using APK Analyzer you can view the detailed analysis of any app its user permission and certificates by just a simple tap. You can of course easily do the usual stuff i.e. extracting APK files or install them as well.

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One Click Apk Installer & Backup

One-click certainly holds a very special place in the world of the best APK installer apps for Android because of the unique features it offers its lucky users. As the name suggests, using this application you can do a lot with just one click. For instance, if you need to install a group of APK files from your device storage, the app is equipped with a feature that will let the installation continue in the background and not interrupt your daily tasks and activities for which you need on a fast responding phone.

You also get to backup your application in a batch with just one click. This too can quietly proceed in the background as you take care of your other daily tasks and routines.

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Summing Up

What is the best APK installer for Android? This is the question that we focused on in this post from Free Phone App. You can pick any of these applications to install APK files on your device hassle-free.

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