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What Are the Best Paid Apps for Android

What are the best paid apps for Android? This is the question we are going to answer in this guide from Free Phone App. Stay tuned to the end of the article if this is something that interests you.

What Are the Best Paid Apps for Android in 2022?

  • AccuBattery: An app to keep the phone battery in the best possible condition
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers: An application containing hundreds of background images produced and selected by the Backdrops team
  • Buzzkill – Phone Superpowers: This app allows you to see the notifications of the app you want and filter others
  • Bottom Quick Settings: By creating a panel at the bottom of the screen, this app provides the possibility of making phone settings with a smooth, fast, and Android-style user interface
  • Boost for Reddit: Beautiful Reddit client
  • Bouncer: Permission to access temporary applications
  • Calculator – Quick Setting Tile: The title of the app (Calculator) says it all
  • Calm – A great app for meditation and peaceful sleep
  • Daylio – Mood Tracker: This app allows you to keep a personal journal without having to write a single line yourself
  • Diarium: A diary application with many features
  • FotMob: An app that includes live results of soccer matches, statistics, news, transfers, and summaries of important games
  • Fluid Navigation Gestures: Give your phone a new look with the help of this app
  • Folder Sync Pro: easily connects the phone memory and the files inside the memory card to the cloud space
  • Forest: a productivity app for concentration and optimal use of time
  • Golf Peaks: A super cool game
  • Hurry: With this app, you can set a countdown for your major events in days, minutes, and seconds
  • Hydro Coach Pro: An app to remind you when to drink water
  • Home Agenda Calendar Widget: One of the best and most complete calendar widgets with unique design and customization
  • Indistract Launcher: compact launcher
  • Join by joaoapps: This app allows you to do things like sending SMS, clipboard, etc. easily through your Android phone and computer
  • KWGT Kustom Widget Maker: With the help of this powerful widget, you can make your phone’s launcher or lock screen unique
  • Luci: an app to provide suitable conditions for sleep and rest
  • Look Up: Offline dictionary with pop-up feature
  • Liv Dark Skin (only if you have Poweramp): Refreshes the look of your Poweramp using animations, mock icons, and eye-catching graphics!
  • Limbo (game): Award-winning adventure game, acclaimed for its intricate puzzle design and stunning visuals
  • Mini Metro (game): This game is about how to design a metro map for a developing city.
  • Notifications: This application is considered the sister app for Bottom Quick Settings and is designed by the creators of the same app.
  • Moon+ Reader: Creative reading app with complete and powerful features.
  • Quick Money Manager – Expense Tracker & Budget: Non-free app for recording financial expenses and accounting
  • Monument Valley 2 (game): In this game, you have to guide a mother and her daughter through winding paths with magical architecture and fascinating puzzles to discover the secret of the “Sacred Geometry”
  • MX Player Pro: an offline app for playing all kinds of video files
  • Nova Launcher: A cool and awesome launcher
  • Navcasts: This app is suitable for people who have a smartwatch and are constantly listening to podcasts while running or in the gym.
  • Niagara Launcher: an app that includes new and updated launchers.
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Summing Up

What are the best paid apps for Android? This was Technology Gadget Magazine’s response to this frequently asked question. Hope you found this guide helpful in finding the best paid apps out there for your Android phone.

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