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What Is the Best Hidden Camera Detector App for iPhone

Monitoring everyone’s location and movements has become super easy given the recent technological advancements. Most of us agree that this is absolutely OK when it is done with security measures in mind, but I think you would resent our privacy being invaded constantly for no reason whatsoever. This is why sometimes the fact that there are hidden cameras everywhere might become an extremely annoying issue. If this is a concern you share too, do not worry as in this article from FreePhoneApp team we intend to answer the question: What is the best hidden camera detector app for iPhone?

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPhone 2022

Wireless Device Detector

Wireless Device Detector is certainly one of the simplest apps that can be used for hidden camera detection on your iPhone. All you have to do to run the app is connect Wireless Device Detector to your Wi-Fi network. Then by simply tapping on the interface, the app starts scanning for all the devices that are connected to the network. Any unauthorized access, including hidden cameras, will show on your screen. The downside to Wireless Device Detector is without a doubt its numerous ads that can take away from the quality of the user experience. But still, this is one the best hidden camera detector apps for iPhone available today.


  • Easy to use
  • Totally free
  • Unauthorized devices over the network are detected


  • A lot of ads



Hidden Camera Detector

Using a network scanner, Hidden Camera Detector makes sure that no unauthorized devices are logged into the Wi-Fi. Moreover, this app lets you detect any lenses and cameras around you simply by using your iPhone’s camera. Hidden Camera Detector enjoys a huge video library that informs you about a selection of security-related topics.

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The information you learn through the videos will come in handy in detecting hidden cameras even if you have not downloaded the app on your iPhone. If this is not enough, this wonderful application lets you view all the devices that have been detected on your device remotely as well.

The only downside to this app is that it can sometimes be a little glitchy, however, this will not stop anyone from putting it on a list of the best hidden camera detector apps for iPhone.


  • Wonderful video library
  • Does all the basics quite well
  • Scan reports can be accessed remotely



Radabat can arguably be chosen as the best hidden camera detector app for iPhone. This app has not specifically been made for detecting hidden cameras in places of privacy such as hotel rooms, however, it is very useful when it comes to navigating with your GPS and driving. Radarbot keeps an updated list of radars worldwide to help you detect where traffic cameras and speed traps are hidden.

Moreover, this wonderful hidden camera detector for iPhone can also warn you about speed bumps and potholes on the road so that you can safely navigate through them. The only downside to radarbot is that the support services are not exactly the best.


  • Driving with Radarbot is safer
  • You will have a complete data collection about road bumps and speed traps
  • Can be synchronized with most GPS navigation tools


  • Support services


Hidden Camera Finder

Most applications that work as a hidden camera detector for iPhone usually overcomplicate their user interface. Hidden Camera Finder however provides you with a basic interface that is quite user-friendly.

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To use this app, you need to connect to the network and then use your iPhone’s camera to detect unauthorized access and devices. The downside to Hidden Camera Finder is that it crashes quite often.


  • Understandable user interface
  • Ease of use


  • It crashes from time to time


Spy Detector – Hidden Camera

This application is a more advanced hidden camera detector for iPhone. Spy Detector takes advantage of artificial intelligence to find hidden cameras in people’s surroundings.

This app can detect hidden cameras through infrared waves emitted by their lenses. Overall, Spy Detector is one of the best hidden camera detector apps for iPhone. One downside though is that Spy Detector’s free features are limited and the app keeps reminding the user to buy an expensive Network Sweeper.


  • Uses artificial intelligence to find hidden cameras
  • Offers various methods to detect unauthorized devices


  • Free version features are limited


Final Word

What do you think of our list of the best hidden camera detector apps for iPhone? Have you personally used any of the apps listed here? Share your ideas and experiences with the rest of us in the comment section. Freephoneapp hopes you found this list of best hidden camera detector apps useful.

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