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What Is the Best Authenticator App for iPhone

What is the best authenticator app for iPhone? When you are online, protection becomes a key factor you cannot afford to neglect. You need to make it extremely hard for people with bad intentions to breach your privacy and stay safe and secure. This is best done by two-factor authentication applications for your iPhone. In the FreePhoneApp team’s opinion The best authenticator apps for iPhone provide you with an extra layer of protection, it is quite easy to add an account to them, and have the ability to function offline.

Best Authenticator Apps for iPhone

TOTP Authenticator

Using the widget in the TOTP authenticator you can check 2FA codes without having to open the application. You also get to set custom icons for your accounts which would be great for conveniently identifying them if you have a number of them. Pinning your favorites to the top of the list allows you to quickly access the codes for accounts that have been used most.

TOTP Authenticator for iPhone has got everything: Biometric security, multiple device support, backups, and more. TOTP Authenticator generates one-time tokens on your iPhone that will be used with your password. This will help to keep your accounts safe from hackers with optimum security. All you have to do is to enable the two-factor authentication, scan the QR code that will be provided and you are protected.



Microsoft Authenticator

Setting up and using Microsoft Authenticator is pretty straightforward. This app also offers password protection. This helps make sure that even if someone has your phone in their hands, they will not be able to find your verification codes. One top feature of Microsoft Authenticator is that it supports iCloud backup. So even if you switch to a newer device or erase your iPhone by accident and do not have a backup, you can still have access to your iPhone’s data in iCloud.

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Microsoft Authenticator is simply one of the best authenticator apps for iPhone out there. You can easily sign in to your Microsoft account or use it as a tool for other services that support two-factor authentications.



2FA Authenticator (2FAS)

This one is probably the best authenticator app for iPhone when it comes to looking beautiful and keeping it simple. In order to generate time-based passwords, all you have to do is tapping the plus icon, scan the barcode and add an account. You can also choose to enter the information manually. 2FA Authenticator supports biometrics and pin lock for better protection.

If you need an app that is easy to work with like Google Authenticator but with an added application password, then 2FAS Authenticator will certainly be one of the best choices you can make.



Google Authenticator

Google authenticator is probably the easiest authenticator app to work with and setting it up is very simple too. Once you set an account for two factor authentication within this app, security codes will start showing the codes and also show the username or email of the service they are for.

Adding a new service is also super convenient. You simply tap the plus icon and scan the barcode. Alternatively, you can enter the details manually.



Bottom Line

what is the best authenticator app for iPhone?  In order to keep your data, documents, photos, and emails safe, two-step verification is necessary. This way even if you are hacked, your information will not be compromised as long as the person does not have physical access to your iPhone. The best authenticator apps for iPhone are quite easy to install and offer you amazingly effective protection. Freephoneapp team hopes you found this guide useful.

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