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What Is the Best Free WIFI Calling App for iPhone

What is the best free Wi-Fi calling app for iPhone? This is the question we are going to answer in this guide from Free Phone App. Stay tuned if this is something that interests you.

Smartphones and Wi-Fi have brought people closer to each other. Now, with a simple call through various apps, you can see and talk to friends and loved ones from thousands of kilometers away.

What Is the Best Free WIFI Calling App for iPhone?

The following are our picks of the best free Wi-Fi calling apps for iPhone.


The first and probably the most familiar application for making video and voice calls is the WhatsApp application. This app was initially designed only for sending text messages, but with the passage of time and new updates of the app, features such as free voice and video calls were also added to it. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and many people use it to communicate with each other.

It is easy to choose between voice and video call options in WhatsApp, and of course, group calls in this app also have their own fans. Just click on the camera symbol on the chat page or group and experience quality Wi-Fi calling on WhatsApp. This app is known as one of the most popular video and voice calling apps on iPhone among users.

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Another best free Wi-Fi Calling app for iPhone is Duo developed by Google. You can easily download and install Duo and join the fun by registering your phone number. The quality of video calls using the Duo app is very high.

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The user interface of this app is easy and straightforward. In addition, the Knock Knock feature in this app comes with the ability to decide whether to answer the call or not by seeing the live image of the other party before accepting the call.

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imo can be called the most energy-efficient voice calling app. This application is very simple to use. Using Wi-Fi or your cellular data, you can start voice and video calls in the imo app and don’t worry about slow internet speed. The image quality is satisfactory almost under any condition

imo has provided a safe environment for its users by encrypting all messages and audio and video calls. And of course, it is also possible to make group calls, send photos and stickers, etc. on this platform. In addition, as we said, imo is very energy-efficient and consumes a small amount of data for video and voice calls.

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Skype is one of the best Wi-Fi calling apps available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other compatible devices. Calling Skype users is completely free, but calling real numbers through this app requires payment, and this feature is not available for free. In the Skype app, several people can call at the same time and it is possible to have a conference or virtual meetings. Other features of Skype include:

  • Ability to send photos, text, files, etc
  • The possibility of making free voice and video calls for a group of up to 25 people
  • Ability to install and use on different systems
  • The possibility of forming chat groups of up to 300 people
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Skype is one of the best options for group video calls and virtual classes.

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Summing Up

What is the best free Wi-Fi calling app for iPhone? The advancement of technology and the widespread use of smartphones and equipment have made us experience new windows of communication. Today, smartphones, high-speed internet, and a world of video calling apps have made communication easier. Simply pick one of the apps we talked about here and you will be good to go.

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