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Which Is the Best App to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

Which is the best app to recover deleted photos and videos? This is the frequently asked question that we are going to answer to in this guide from Free Phone App. Stay tuned to the end of the article if this is something that interests you.

It has happened to many of us that sometimes we accidentally delete some essential images or videos on our smartphones. Other times, images that do not seem to be very important suddenly matter.

In such cases, having a suitable photo recovery app installed on your device can certainly be helpful. The good news is that so far countless image recovery applications have been developed and therefore you are able to restore images and videos that have seemingly been lost forever.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger Photo Recovery
DiskDigger Photo Recovery

By installing the DiskDigger Photo Recovery app on your smartphone, you can save yourself some serious trouble. This application has a perfect system for image and video file recovery and comes with a very accessible user interface that gets better with every update.

This application can recover any image or video file for you, but only if you meet the necessary prerequisites. It doesn’t matter if the images were previously installed on the internal memory of the mobile phone or external memory such as microSD cards.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with rooted and normal Android phones
  • The ability to recover images and videos from both internal memory and micro SD cards
  • The ability to achieve full scanning on rooted mobiles
  • This application allows you to upload the recovered images and videos to cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • There is no need to use any other device in the data storage process
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Download from Google Play

Restore Image

Restore Image
Restore Image

AlpacaSoft Studio has developed some of the most useful mobile applications and one of its latest creations is called Restore Image. This Android photo recovery app allows you to recover the pictures you deleted by mistake in a few very easy steps. This app is easy to use and is available for free (but contains ads).

The file size of the application is very small and it is compatible with almost all modern Android devices. You can use it on both rooted and normal devices and the recovery process does not require the use of a computer.

Key Features

  • Ability to manually select folders that contain lost files
  • The possibility of using personalized scanning and selecting files with the navigation system
  • All features are designed to be very accessible and simple
  • Compatibility with internal memory and micro SD cards
  • No need for backup services or rooting the device to use the application
  • No need for any prior knowledge of data recovery tools

Download from Google Play

DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery application is an amazing Android photo recovery app that has been successful in attracting the attention of the audience. This powerful tool can scan all your mobile memory, both internal and external and find lost images and data. Using this application will be very easy thanks to its amazing user interface, and you can restore files as quickly as possible.

Key Features

  • Possibility of deep scanning of internal memory and micro SD memory card to find deleted images and videos
  • No need to root the device
  • Most image formats are supported such as JPG, JPEG, and PNG
  • Includes a powerful algorithm for image recovery
  • Very simple user interface that anyone can relate to
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Download from Google Play

Summing Up

Which is the best app to recover deleted photos and videos? This is the frequently asked question that the Free Phone App team responded to in this post. Hope you found the guide useful.

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