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What Is the Best App for Private Photos for Android

What is the best app for private photos for Android? This is the frequently asked question that we are going to answer in this post from Free Phone App. Stay tuned if this interests you.

Smartphones are one of the most private devices we all have these days. We use our phones every day to communicate with friends and acquaintances, keep confidential information such as user and bank account passwords, and also take various pictures and videos.

Most of us also keep pictures and videos in the phone gallery. But what should we do if we want to hide some private photos? To do this, you can use third-party apps.

What Is the Best App for Private Photos for Android?

Dialer Lock-AppHider

  • Hide photos and videos
  • Hide all applications installed on the phone (without root)
  • Protect your password from hackers
  • Hide your phone’s system apps
  • The ability to change the icon of the hidden gallery app

It is very easy to hide apps installed on your phone using Dialer Lock-AppHider. You can place the “call” or “calculator” icon on the app you want to hide. With this trick, no one will know what app you use to hide your photos and apps. You can change the gallery icon and hide it from view.

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Vault – Hide Pics, App Lock

  • Hide images and videos with a password
  • Encryption on apps
  • Private browser
  • Backup images and videos in the cloud
  • The possibility of transferring data from the cloud to the new phone
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Next on the list of the best apps for private photos for Android is Vault. This app meets all your expectations from an app that is focused on protecting the privacy of your pictures. This app offers all the features you need to hide your photos and videos. With this lock design hidden gallery app for mobile, you can also hide your call logs so that no one else can access this information either.

You will need to use your email ID to reset your password. You can also keep the apps hidden from others by using incognito mode, and you can back up your data if you want. You can also hide or set a password on other applications.

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1Gallery: Photo Gallery & Vault

  • Hide videos and images and encrypt them
  • View images and videos in different formats
  • Phone memory management
  • Edit images and videos
  • Play videos with subtitles

This app contains a combination of the normal and secure gallery. This means you can view your photos, GIFs, and other files as usual or choose to keep them hidden and protected at your own discretion. 1Gallery’s vault is fully encrypted for every file.

In addition, there are three separate ways to access the vault, which are password, pattern, and fingerprint (if applicable). This app works with RAW, SVG, and panorama photos as well and it comes with a photo and video editor and several free themes.

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  • Hide documents, images, and videos
  • The possibility of creating a fake vault
  • Memory card support
  • Hide the app using a different icon
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As the name suggests, the main purpose of the LockMyPix photo and video hiding app is to be the best App for private photos for Android. This app has a bunch of interesting features. For example, one of these features is that it can work completely offline. Another very interesting and brilliant feature of this application is that you can use it to create a fake vault.

This feature is especially suitable when people you have a very close relationship with ask you to unlock this app.

Download from Google Play

Summing Up

What is the best app for private photos for Android? In the post, we got to know the best applications that can help us hide our private photos on our Android devices. Each of these apps will provide you with different functions and features.

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