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What Are the Best Android News Apps

What are the best android news apps? If you want to follow the current news through your phone, it is recommended to use mobile news reader applications. Stay with Free Phone App to review the top Android news apps available in the market.


Best Android News Apps



Aggregator is one of the most powerful Android news apps available in the market. You can follow many websites and see their latest news in your feed. This application supports RSS and Atom, has light and dark themes, and supports OPML files. This news app boasts a remarkable design and is very easy to use. Aggregator is completely free and there are no ads, which is always a plus.

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Feedly is one of the best Android news apps. This app works like a standard news reader and lets you find a number of news sources that you like. This Android news app offers other things such as cross-platform support, and support for third-party applications such as Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

All these features come free and without in-app purchases. There is a subscription option, but if you don’t really need the special fonts and Evernote support, you can skip the subscription.

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Flipboard can be considered the best Android news application out there. This app boasts smooth animations and a remarkable user interface, and its performance is superb. This Android news appl has all the basic features that come with such apps; Flipboard is not as powerful as Feedly, but it still has better controls and definitely looks better.

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This app also has a Daily Edition that collects and shows a collection of news from all your favorite sources. This Android news app is like a mobile magazine where you choose what’s inside.

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This Android news app has categories from which you choose what you want to appear in your news feed. Some other features of this app include saving news for reading at another time, archiving articles, synchronization between devices, etc.

This app uses a smart design, which makes it super easy to use. Inoreader Android news app is free and without in-app purchases; Of course, there is also a paid subscription option, which offers some more features, such as the absence of ads, support for social network profiles, etc.

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News 360

News 360 is a personalized news app. You read the news and post feedback on what you see. This Android news app is getting smarter and smarter about what you want to read. News 360 supports features such as a convenient user interface, social network integration, offline reading, and cross-platform support for any desktop operating system that has a browser. Downloading and using this news app is free, but it contains ads.

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gReader may look a little old-fashioned, but when we talk about RSS feed readers, its name always shines among the best. gReader has a very good interaction with Feedly and also provides the user with the possibility of offline reading of the news.

Account synchronization in the cloud, night mode, several beautiful themes to personalize the application, as well as an optimized user interface for tablets are the reasons to pick gReader as one of the best Android news apps out there.

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Summing Up

What are the best android news apps? Using these Android news apps listed in this guide from Free Phone App, you can easily have access to the latest news on your phone.

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