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What’s the Best Ad Blocker App for iPhone

What’s the best Ad Blocker App for iPhone? While texting has certainly changed the way people communicate with each other, receiving messages like annoying ads and spams can be unpleasant at times. As usual, FreePhoneApp has come to the rescue to offer some solutions.

To solve this problem, you can download and install iPhone Ad Blocker Apps to get rid of advertising messages and spam. These blockers are essential tools that can be used to instantly filter and block unwanted content, pop-ups or ads served on iPhones.


Best Ad Block Apps for iPhone




Ratings: 4.6


1Blocker is a content and advertising blocker app for iPhone and iPad. If you constantly encounter unwanted websites and unnecessary advertisements on your mobile phone, this app can help you get rid of these spam contents.

Just download and install this app and its plugins to make your system work better. This app blocks more than 500 trackers and tracks what you look at online to hide any annoying content in Safari.

  • 1Blocker is a free app that is available for all Apple devices.
  • The functions of this app include the following:
  • This app does not collect and sell information.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • It is very user-friendly and hassle-free.
  • It is very efficient to speed up the browser.
  • With this app, you can block ads and unwanted content.
  • This app helps to improve your productivity.
  • 1Blocker offers online protection.
  • Battery saving is another function of this app.

Among the disadvantages of this app, we can point out that the features of the app are limited due to the fact that it is free. So, you have to choose between an ad blocker or a tracker.

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Ratings: 3.6


This iPhone ad blocker blocking app is a dedicated audio filter that prioritizes privacy. Using this app, you can filter and block messages based on specific keywords or using different sources from your area. VeroSMS also offers a whitelist feature to prevent accidental blocking of contacts.




Ratings: 4.5


While this app is primarily marketed as an iPhone call blocker, it has a simple user interface and includes built-in iPhone text message blocking features as well. With this app, you can easily see which messages are automatically blocked.


SMS Blocker for iPhone


Ratings: 3.3


As the name of this app suggests, it is an iPhone text message blocking application that blocks spam texts, ads and messages. You can do this by using a filter, keywords, or by using the wildcard rule.


Call Bliss


Ratings: 4.7


This iPhone ad blocker app simply frees your iPhone mobile device from unwelcome calls and advertising messages, and you can simply block all communications and block the numbers that send spam texts. Whitelists and blacklists are also possible to make.


Malwarebytes Mobile Security


Ratings: 4.6


Due to its antivirus capabilities, this app offers a high-quality mobile security function that also boasts ad blocker properties.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security app is one of the best available options with more than 11,000 installation that expands your devices efficacy in both in the field of antivirus and web protection as well as contact protection. Using this app, you can get rid of annoying advertising messages on your iPhone for good.

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Summing Up

What’s the best Ad Blocker App for iPhone? Advertising and useless content are indeed very annoying.  Trying to get rid of these ads can be a constant struggle for iPhone users. However, by choosing to install any of these apps presented to you in this guide by FreePhoneApp team, you can easily get on top of the problem.

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