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What is the best free mobile hotspot app for iPhone?

What is the best free mobile hotspot app for iPhone? Many of Apple’s apps and services that connect to your iPhone or iPad take a simple approach, such as the Wi-Fi hotspot app. It looks for nearby Wi-Fi networks and helps you connect to them, but only as far as you can go.

This option is available in your iPhone Settings / Personal Hotspot; But it lacks special features, like there is no way to connect securely or check the signal or share the hotspot with other users despite the security. In the next part of this article on free phone app, we will see if we can fix these shortcomings using third-party apps. So stay with us until the end of this article.

What is the best free mobile hotspot app for iPhone?


  • Speedify

Speedify is one of the must-have smart VPN apps for your iPhones. Using channel bonding technology, Speedify connects to more than one Wi-Fi network and uses the fastest network to connect to the Internet at any given time. This means you will get the best bandwidth. Now there is no need to move between important points. To benefit from the channel link technology, it must always be connected to at least 2 Wi-Fi networks.

  • OpenSignal

OpenSignal helps you find the best signal in any area. An open source app with a very active community, this app will come in handy when traveling to areas where the network is problematic. Not only this feature, but you can also scan the important points in the area and connect to them. There is also a speed button to check upload and download speed and latency.

  • Free WiFi Hotspot Portable

Free WiFi Hotspot Portable is a free version and requires no technical knowledge to set it up. This software has a data storage structure that allows you to stream Wi-Fi, secure hotspot from your Android phone at high speed and in a simple way. This program allows you to change the network name to easily identify those who want to connect. In addition, it allows you to choose the type of security you want for the connection and even allows you to set a password, which is very important in the long run, which makes this app very interesting.

  • Wi-Fi Anywhere

Wi-Fi Anywhere has a collection of useful tools to help you take care of your hotspot needs. You will start by searching for nearby hotspots that are open or not. Then there is the safety test feature to determine if the Wi-Fi hotspot is safe to use. One simple feature is the ability to identify all devices connected to the hotspot, including device name, brand, IP address, and type. It’s useful to know who else is using Wi-Fi, especially since you’ve created the hotspot on your mobile phone. Set data limits and monitor that you will not exceed at any point of time. Finally, you can do a speed test. As you can see, this app offers a set of useful tools for different sectors.

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In this article on the free phone app site, we answered one of the most common needs of users and examined it from different parts; There are other apps that you can use, but in this article, we mentioned the best of them.

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