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What Is the Best Bluetooth Microphone App for iPhone?

Best Bluetooth Microphone Apps for iPhone

Smartphones offer various capabilities that can sometimes be good substitutes for various computer tools such as microphones and webcams. One of the tools needed for all kinds of computer work, such as creating content, holding online classes, etc., is a microphone. In this article from Free Phone App we are going answer this frequently asked question: What Is the Best Bluetooth Microphone App for iPhone? And the answer is:

  • EZ Mic
  • WO Mic
  • Pro Microphone
  • VonBruno
  • MicSwap

What Is the Best Bluetooth Microphone App for iPhone?

In general, there are several applications for this task, but the basis of all of them is that the phone and computer are connected through one of the communication methods such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and in this way, the microphone input of the phone is transferred to the computer.

Of course, with a driver that is installed on the computer, it tells the computer to recognize this input as a microphone so that you can set the phone’s microphone as your main microphone in different apps. The list of apps to explain what is the best Bluetooth microphone app for iPhone is in the following and we will describe all of them:

1. EZ Mic

EZ Mic
EZ Mic

The first app for connecting and turning the phone into a computer microphone is the EZ Mic program. This software, in two free and non-free versions, allows you to synchronize the Android phone as a microphone with the computer.

  • To get started, download and install the EZ Mic desktop client for your computer.
  • Now download EZ Mic for mobile and install it on your mobile.
  • Open the EZ app on your phone and computer.
  • Phone and computer must be connected to a Wi-Fi. Turn off the data connection of the SIM card and connect the mobile to the Wi-Fi to which the computer is connected.
  • On your mobile phone, click the FIND option in the EZ Mic app and wait for your computer to find it.
  • Once the computer name is displayed, click on it.
  • If the application asks for permission to access the microphone, allow it.
  • After connecting, your computer icon should turn green.
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2. WO Mic

WO Mic
WO Mic

Second app to answer what is the best Bluetooth microphone app for iPhone is WO Mic. To turn the phone into a microphone using the WO Mic application, you need to install the application on the phone and install the driver and client along with a program required to run on the computer. From the official website of this program, download VC runtime along with client and driver and install it on the computer.

In this method, you have to connect the computer or laptop to the phone with Bluetooth, and then in the settings of the phone application, set transport to Bluetooth, then click on the start button. Of course, the next two methods are more suitable and provide better quality.

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3. Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone
Pro Microphone

This app is considered one of the best and most popular microphone apps for iPhone. This app, which works on both Android and IOS, is also the best option for beginner performers. The most important feature of Pro Microphone is that will record your voice louder and you can easily practice singing using this app.

Pro Microphone offers you different mics that you can use to use your iPhone as a microphone and digitally record a clearer sound that suits your style and voice characteristics. These microphones include studio microphones, condenser microphones, and dynamic microphones, each of which adds a special effect to your voice.

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4. VonBruno


Creating a microphone mode with your iPhone is using with the VonBruno app. This app is provided for free for iOS users. VonBruno is capable of connecting to external stereo systems and will turn your iPhone into a quality live microphone. Due to the high quality of sound reception and removal of ambient noise, VonBruno is especially useful for performers. The output volume can be easily adjusted up or down by touching the screen inside the app. VonBruno use Bluetooth and Airplay to connect to external speakers.

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5. MicSwap


An excellent simulator or modeler app to turn your phone into a microphone, provided for iOS users, and of course, one of the most powerful podcast recording apps available in the world. MicSwap provides users with 17 different types of studio microphones, allowing them to record more specialized audio and podcasts. This app can also be used live to create a microphone mode.

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Summing Up

What Is the Best Bluetooth Microphone App for iPhone? We all may have experienced that one time when we needed a microphone during online meetings but didn’t have one nearby. This post on Free Phone App elaborated on how you can use a phone as a mic for a PC and participate in online discussions anywhere. We also provided you with a list of the best of the best Bluetooth microphone apps for your device.

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