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Top 5 free entertainment apps for android

We all take time to relax or have fun, and one of the easiest ways to access a large amount of free information and data for entertainment is to use mobile phones and free apps and sites. You can spend time, have fun and use your time in the best possible way by working with various apps that exist in different fields.

In this article on the Free Phone App site, after reviewing hundreds of applications, we decided to introduce you to the best of them; So stay with us until the end of this article.

App Name Rate on App Store Number of Installs
Zoom Cloud Meeting **** +500M
Xbox Game Pass ***** +10M
eko ***** +50K
Flixster *** +10K
YouTube **** +10B

Zoom Cloud Meeting

Top 5 free entertainment apps for android

It is one of the apps that probably doesn’t need to be introduced, and millions of people have used it instead of face-to-face meetings during different times, especially when Corona became very widespread, and many coordinations in businesses were done this way. It may be the first time you see this app and realize that it has existed until now; If you somehow haven’t come across it yet, it’s worth highlighting, as it’s an app of choice for many people for many reasons.

The app is packed with features and offers things like meetings with up to 100 participants, custom backgrounds, screen sharing with audio and safe driving mode, and much more. Also, this app is very easy to use and is available on most devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It is also free to use, with one-on-one sessions you can use it for free and group sessions limited to 40 minutes, and for more than this time, you can choose a monthly subscription.

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Can be used in all systems

Ability to customize the app

Screen sharing

Safe driving mode

Top 5 free entertainment apps for android


If you want to use all the features of this app unlimitedly; You need to subscribe to it.


Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is the best program that has happened to Xbox in a long time. This app has a large and ever-growing library of games; Including new Xbox exclusive games for a reasonable monthly subscription and not just limited to Xbox; There is also a PC version, confusingly named the same.

In the case of the Android N app, a convenient way to browse all the games is that it gives you through the phone, and you can also see new games or filter games based on genre and platform. You can also receive notifications when new games are added and even set games to download from your phone so they’re downloaded when you want to use them.

You can also buy games at a discount. Another interesting thing to note is that if you don’t want to forget some games and want to play them in the future, you can add the games to the Play Later page, which will help you remember what you want to do with them. If you are interested, follow up.

If we want to review this program based on the activity you want to do, this program is a good way to interact with a great service at any time and you can use it when you are away from your PC or console; Of course, it’s only really useful if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

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Access to many games

The possibility of personalizing the app to download favorite apps


If you want to use this app completely; You must purchase a subscription to this app.




This app is known for its series of short shows and a game. Also, this program offers a series of shows; Including: comedies and dramas written and allowing you to decide what characters do at key points and change how they play. Each episode of these shows is short, usually less than 10 minutes, but it’s worth repeating since you’re passing the time.

The app is free, though not without ads; For example, in some parts of the shows, it shows you advertisements. Overall, this app is good fun, and while the quality of the content varies, there should be some that are worth your time.


Access to a large collection of shows and games

The presented content will take a little time from you

It is very attractive and fun.


There is little data and variety in the app.

You can use this app for free, but its ads can be annoying for you.


eko2.jpg 1


Flixster Video1.jpg

Flixster is one of the most used applications on Android to download movies. With this app, you can easily get all the movie updates, show time of the latest movies and tickets. You can also check the ratings before going to the movie and you can watch the trailers and check the overview of the actors and pictures of the movie. Check the showtime of a movie at a nearby theater and get driving directions with Google Maps. The interesting thing is that you can get information about the place to watch the movie other than the theater.

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Ability to review videos

Access to the latest data and program tickets

Access to Details of each app

Flixster Video2.jpg




YouTube is a video streaming structure that needs no introduction. This app is one of the most entertaining apps on the web. With this app, you can watch short series, movies and songs from a collection of hundreds and thousands of videos. Subscribe to any artist or video blogger you like and get all notifications whenever their new video is released. You can download your favorite videos and keep them in offline videos to watch them whenever you want. You can also share your opinions and also become a blogger by adding your content and earn from it.


Access to a large amount of information

Ability to comment and follow your favorite people

The possibility of making money from this app




In this article on the Free Phone App  site, we have introduced you the best free programs that you can use in your free time. There are other apps that you can use, but in this article, we introduced the best of them.

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